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Friday, October 22, 2010


A. Power Clean 5 sets of 3; use same weight for all sets (5# more than last week); 90s rest
B1. Single Arm Braced DB Press 6-8 reps at 40X0 x 4 sets; 90s rest
B2. Mixed Grip strict pullups 2-3 reps x 4 sets @ 40X0; 90s rest
*Alternate grip per set… one hand supinated, one hand pronated*
3 rounds for time;
15 ring pushups
15 “burps”
15 ghd situps


Next time you walk in the gym, look to your right and spend some time analyzing that PR board. That barely begins to describe how much progress our athletes are making right now. Look at your own log book and see how those numbers have creeped up this month. This is foundational work to making HUGE increases in your work capacity (aka “fitness”) this year.

You’ve been seeing a lot of the A, B, C stuff, and that is different from the “metcon” benchmark “girl wods” you might have signed up for. Those types of workouts are fun and very important, and trust me, you’re going to love them all that much more when you’re strong enough to lay into them with stronger legs and backs.

Next week marks the mid-point of our strength program. Some of you are concerned because you’re at the point, or getting to the point, where you cannot finish your 3 sets of 5 with the increased weight. Don’t be. Discuss it with a coach. It’s all part of the plan. I’m watching results closely and have my hand hovering over the shifter. Here’s what I need from YOU to make sure I shift gears at the right time:

1. You MUST increase weight when it says to increase weight.
2. You MUST try to get 3 sets of 5 with that weight.
3. For squats especially, finish every rep you start (if in your head you think you cannot finish a rep, don’t start it!). We’d prefer you not be in a position where you need to bail the weight.
4. When you fail to complete all the reps in a set. Tell the coach.

Here’s the general plan for failed sets in squat, deadlift, power clean and press.

If you fail any reps in your first set, or fail to get more than 12 reps in total, repeat the same weight next time and try to get one-two more reps (or more if you can).
If, next time, you still fail any reps in your first set, or fail to get more than 12 reps in total, repeat the weight again next week.
On your final attempt, if you fail any reps in your first set, or fail to get more than 12 reps in total, tell your coach that this is the 3rd session you’ve failed to achieve the reps… your coach will tell me, so I can be aware that you’re deloading and take that into consideration for programming purposes. From there, you will decrease the weight for your next training session to 90% of whatever you were working on.

Please continue to hit these workouts hard. Enjoy the challenge. A whole new batch of challenges is coming your way soon. Oh, and remember, ABS ARE IN THE KITCHEN.

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