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Friday, November 6th, 2009

Workout of the Day

“Johanna Grace”

15 push press (145#/100#)
row 300m
15 thrusters (145#/100#)
row 300m
15 power clean & jerk (145#/100#)

Food Friday

Kimbery has some real food for us this week.

Purple Ham Hock Gumbo

One ham hock

Half a purple cabbage sliced thin

A few carrots, onions, and celery if you like it, I don’t.

Stock or water

Cayenne pepper, paprika, thyme, parsley, garlic powder, bay leaves or throw in whatever suits your taste; I prefer a lot of cayenne. Use full to half teaspoon portions of spices.

I was at the store the other day and saw ham hocks, and they looked primal, so I bought one…but never even having seen one before, I needed to find a recipe to go with it J Turns out, they’re all bean recipes…pork and beans, who knew? Anyway, I found a recipe for ham hock cabbage gumbo and then changed it up to make it primal. I used my big Le Creuset pot (I treated myself to some awesome cookware this summer!) but next time I’ll use a slow cooker. Sauté the veggies for a bit and then throw in the ham hock and enough water to just cover. Simmer for a 2-3 hours. I’m guessing a slow cooker on low for 8 hours would work too. When a knife cuts through the meat like a hot knife through butter, it’s done, take the ham out and let it cool for a bit. Remove the meat from the bone, shred it a little and add it back to the gumbo. Adding shredded cauliflower is a good rice substitute, or you could do like I did and add a generous portion of high fat yogurt to a bowl and enjoy. The leftovers were even better.

Getting a ham hock from your butcher or farmer should be cheap and natural/organic no-hormone, nitrate-free pork is always best. A ham bone would probably work too. If anyone is considering the primal lifestyle experimenting in the kitchen is the best place to start, I’ll admit not everything works but when it does…yum! Don’t think of it as giving up sugar, instead look at it as an opportunity to try new vegetables, meats, spices and recipes.


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