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Friday, July 5, 2013

Health, Fitness & Performance:
A. 4 sets:
KB batwing or batwing plank 30 sec
Ring pushup with turnout 6-8 reps (maintain turnout for entire range of motion)
B. 21 minutes @75%:
run 200M
5 db manmakers
10 strict K2E

Coach’s Tips

Part A is not for time, but for technique.  Batwing planks have many variations, with the most difficult being a reverse plank with only your elbows and heels on the floor, thumbs to armpits.  This is quite advanced and most of us will be doing the kettlebell bench variation, where you lie face down on a flat bench or incline bench, holding one kettlebell in each hand, pull your elbows back and up until your thumbs are in your are touching your chest or armpits, and hold.  I tried finding videos of this online, and the best I could find was this one, but the problem is that he should be holding elbows much higher with thumbs to armpits.  I guess we’ll have to make our own video.  As for the pushups, remember that you should maintain the turnout during the entire pushup if you can. This is essentially a reverse grip ring pushup.  Here is a good video, taken at my Agatsu Level 2 Trainer certification.  For Part B, sub airdyne or rowing or walking if running tends to give you problems.  Sub strict hanging leg raises for K2E.  1 DB manmaker = 1 pushup on dumbbells + 1 renegade row + 1 pushup + 1 renegade row on other side + jump forward + clean + thruster.  Choose a weight that is sustainable and will allow for good technique, particularly on the renegade row.  The tendency is to twist and turn when doing these but ideally we want to keep hips and shoulders square.  Weight guidelines Beginner 10-15 for ladies, 15-20 for men,  Intermediate 15-25lbs for ladies, 25 to 35 for men, Advanced 25-35 for ladies, 35 to 55 for men.


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