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Friday, February 19th, 2010

B-Mac on deads

Workout of the Day

A. 5 Rounds:
4-6 Push Jerk @ 12X1; rest 150 sec
4-6 Weighted Strict Chin Ups @ 21X0; rest 150 sec
B. 4 Rounds:
4-6 Push Press @ 12X1; rest 120 sec
15 Chest to Bar Pullups; rest 120 sec
C. 3 Rounds:
4-6 Press @ 12X1; rest 90 sec
20 Pullups (chin must break vertical plane of bar); rest 90 sec

This is a long workout. Exercises are organized in terms of priority, so rather than cutting down on rounds, we’d prefer that athletes come and work through the workout AS PRESCRIBED until they complete it or need to leave. Use a band in parts B & C, if necessary, to cut sets required for pullups to 2 or 3. There is only 150 sec rest between last round of A and first round of B. There is only 120 sec rest between last round of B and first round of C. Closing hours are closing hours, so make sure you arrive with adequate time to complete the workout if you want to do the whole thing (arrive no later than 8:15 AM in the morning or 5:45 PM in the evening).

Source: OPT

Double day tomorrow for sectionals athletes. In order to complete this double day within the open hours at CrossFit Winnipeg you will need to arrive at 8 AM Sharp tomorrow! Part A will need to start at 8:20 AM. Part B will start at 10:00 AM. This should give you approximately 1 hour of rest between. Other options: Do Part A during CFW hours and then do Part B (rower required) at another facility or with special arrangements with another coach who might be in later. Not an option: carrying out the workouts between 11:00AM – 12:30PM at CF Winnipeg.

Modification to sectionals training schedule:

Monday will be a rest day. Tuesday is a double. Wednesday is a single.


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