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Friday, December 11th, 2009

A  few random unrelated thoughts and stories to end your week/start your weekend.

    for real?
  1. Mandy pointed this out the scene in the photo above to me a couple of nights ago.  I hope you see the irony in this pic and that you’ll get the message.
  2. I know this idea of not posting workouts can be disconcerting to some of you, especially if you like to prep for your workouts by eating a specific pre workout meal or even bringing workout gear specific to the workout.  I know climbing a rope in shorts is NOT comfortable.  We’ll probably continue not posting the workouts for a while longer so if you want to keep some gear at the gym you are welcome to do so.
  3. Next time you’re in the gym, have a look at the upper right hand side of the whiteboard.  You’ll see a “Coach On Duty” sign with the name of the coach working at the time.  Of course all the coaches are happy to help with any questions you might have even if they are working out rather than working, but keep in mind that the person who’s name is on the board is responsible for ensuring you get a good workout so try to go to them first.
  4. A good laugh courtesy of Chris right here.
  5. I swear this next one is a true story.  Ask Nat G. who told it to me with a straight face.  Nat has completely given up refined sugar this past week and she’s had her will power tested a few times.  She went to a Tupperware Party this week and the Tupperware consultant was very excited about a super easy delicious cake recipe you can make using the Tupperware.  Here’s the recipe: Take a can of coke and mix it into a Duncan Hines cake mix, pour it all into a plastic Tupperware container and pop in the microwave for a quick delicious treat!!??!!!  REALLY????  Am I the only one who has trouble grasping this concept and who might just throw up at the thought of this?
  6. Here’s something that is still sweet, but way less disturbing.  I was going to add some kind of disclaimer about how soy isn’t paleo and maple syrup is all sugar, but Kimberly is way ahead of us, so here’s Food Fridays…

Maple Mustard Glaze

This week I’m serving up my recipe for a great chicken or salmon glaze.  There are many variations on the internet and since I used far less maple syrup the first time I tried it, I don’t really know how much of each I add.  Go by taste, if you like the taste of the sauce, the finished product should be good too.  Mix roughly equal portions of: maple syrup, grainy mustard, and soy sauce (or tamari sauce).  Make just enough to coat the meat and then bake uncovered.  More maple syrup makes a better glaze, soy sauce makes it a little saltier (go low-sodium), and the mustard gives it a nice kick.  And yes, I know maple syrup is pure sugar but it’s natural and unprocessed and I don’t care, this recipe is good.

As a side note, grainy mustard is delicious and I use it to jazz up beef or chicken that was cooked in the slow cooker without seasonings.


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