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Friday, December 10, 2010

Pascal vs. the Kettlebell

30 Muscle-Ups for time


500m row
40 squats (“squat ball” is allowed)
30 AbMat sit-ups (unanchored)
20 pushups
10 pullups

Cash-out: “Boat rockers”

Just a little reminder… there is a gymnastics workshop this Saturday from 7:30-9:30pm at Panther’s gym. Click HERE to register.

Also for those of you who are considering competing in the FrostFit Games 2011 there are only 10 spots left!! Register HERE to reserve your spot!


Thanks to all 72 of you who filled out the survey. I was encouraged by many of the positive results you mentioned in the comments and have taken into consideration your suggestions.

For the next few weeks as we work to peak a large group of you who have committed to the FrostFit games we’re going to run with a program based on a template I wrote for myself to peak for a testing day this past fall. I was very happy with the results I experienced. I’ve worked hard to try to make this template work for our 7 day/week group environment. I hope you enjoy the program and accomplish progress toward your goals (which, in case you’re curious, are nearly 50% improved pullups, 30% improved double unders, and 30% improved handstand pushups).

For the time being, the meat of this schedule is a 3/1 template for our athletes who plan to compete in Sectionals. If you are planning to compete at the FrostFit games, you are encouraged to try to do that template as well, but don’t worry if you can’t or if you currently train 3/week… the whole program aims to peak on January 15. There will not likely be any double days before FrostFit, although plenty of notice will be given where possible if that becomes necessary.

There is no template based on Mon-squat, Tue-deadlift, etc…. We’ll likely return to this type of programming again at the end of the “sectionals season” because it has been our most successful type of programming for the entire group to date.

Core message here is that we’re back to a more traditional “constantly varied” Crossfit style of programming for the time being. I think you’ll enjoy the diversity of challenges ahead – and I hope you especially enjoy demonstrating your new strength at the sound of 3-2-1-go!

Sectionals athletes 3/1 schedule begins on Monday, December 13!


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