February 2011 Member of the Month: Nicole “Tapout” Fillion

Nicole "Tapout" Fillion

My relationship with CrossFit is a lot like the typical romantic relationship.  It starts off with those crazy “love at first sight” endorphins.  It’s all you think about and all you talk about. Eventually, the relationship grows beyond infatuation and you learn to love CrossFit for a whole host of new reasons.   I met our February member of the month during the infatuation phase.  We were at a mutual friend’s birthday bonfire and I can only imagine  raving about CrossFit non stop all night.  I ‘m sure all I talked about was this great new program I was doing with Brendan at River City CrossFit and how much fun it was.  Well, Nicole actually believed me and showed up!  Nicole might not know it, or admit it, but she is a real-life “firebreather”.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, it’s what we call competitive Crossfitters who perform at elite levels.  Ironically, when she does compete, it is always “for fun” and “for the camaraderie”, as she humbly shines the spotlight on her fellow athletes.  It’s a shame since she really represents what CFW stands for. The fact is that Nicole possesses a level of maturity and dedication  to her training that most of us only dream of, and that is why she is a firebreather.  Congrats on all your accomplishments Tapout!

Age: 38

Height: 5.5

Weight: 136lbs

What is your favourite exercise or workout? “Cindy” or anything with squats…

What is your least favourite exercise or workout? Usually anything that involves rowing or burpees…but it always feels good once it’s done!

Tell us something interesting or surprising about yourself? I used to love taxidermy…now I wouldn’t dream of stuffing my furry friends

What is your favourite hobby, pastime or sport? I’ve never really made time for hobbies in my life but favorite pastimes are (being with people I love, Crossfit, Running)…favorite sport MMA (UFC)

What were you doing before CrossFit? Distance running & cycling.  Marathons, duathlons and other races.

How did you find out about CrossFit Winnipeg? Sitting around a camp fire in Marchand MB at a girlfriends b-day party and I met Tania for the first time…within 5 mins of conversation I was SOLD!

What changes have you seen in yourself or your life since joining CrossFit Winnipeg? I would have to write a whole page on this topic so my comment to this is: Crossfit. Changes. Lives.!!!!

Do you have any special memorable CrossFit Winnipeg moments? Absolutely!!! From balling like a baby after an RCCF wod that took everything I had and more to finish….to literally jumping up and down for joy after my last “Fran” wod.  One of the things I love most about our community is that is doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, how much money you have or not have, how educated or fit you are…once you walk in the CFW doors everyone is treats each other equally and with respect.  Integrity, community and strength (mental & physical) is the foundation of what we do.

What advice would you give to a newbie or someone just joining CrossFit Winnipeg? Don’t be shy, talk to people, do the best you can do on any given day, some days will be better than others.  Pushing past your fears successfully is the BEST feeling!  Stick to it as YOU. WILL. SEE. RESULTS.

What is your biggest accomplishment at CrossFit Winnipeg? After 2 and half years of wanting to clean up my diet and being unsuccessful…I finally did it!!! And I am loving every minute of it.  Eating clean feels amazing!


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