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Episode 6 – Self-talk, the cure for complaining, and why your why is a lie with DJ Guzda

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Episode 5

In this episode, I sit down with DJ Guzda, trainer and co-owner of White Lion Athletics to discuss motivation, how the phrase “finding your why” has been bugging DJ for the past while, and how plagiarized self-talk builds the foundation for broken dreams.

We also discussed DJ’s favourite stream of consciousness journaling practice, along with his recovery from brain surgery and he used it to break the complaining habit. We also talked about the client-trainer relationship and how he sees his role as a trainer. We finish off with some rapid fire questions to get to know DJ a bit more.

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More About DJ

I first met DJ five years ago when DJ was certified as an Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor certification that I taught. DJ was a great student and we became fast friends. DJ is also a  Certified Personal Fitness Trainer  through the National Exercise Sports Trainers Association (NESTA).

Since 2014 he has been providing his training services through www.mytrainerdj.com. He is currently working on an Exercise Science degree at the University of Winnipeg, and also holds a BA and MA in Political Science, from the University of Alberta.

What DJ’s business partner Stuart says about DJ: “This man is a genius, genuine and genial. The knowledge and drive that DJ has towards fitness, and life in general, is incredibly powerful once you get to know him. Yet, on the outside he is very soft spoken and modest. DJ truly embodies the “White Lion” image.”

DJ does a fantastic job building his White Lion community on social media. Follow him on Instagram @white_lion_athletics or White Lion Athletics on Facebook. You can also email him at info@whitelionathletics.com

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What We Talk About in this Episode

  • Marbles in a dryer, a metaphor for self-talk
  • Listening vs talking
  • Why your why is a lie
  • Paradigm shift as a sign of growth
  • Respecting change and growth by being highly responsive and adaptive
  • The trainer-client relationship and the importance of meeting our clients where they are
  • Our why/motivation in fitness isn’t static, it can change over time
  • The trainer’s scope of practice
  • Why it’s ok to refer clients out to the best person for the job and the person’s goal
  • Help first, and how to know when to move on
  • The inflection point aka. what caused me to want to make a change
  • The Danger of uninformed optimism, or why “I’m all in” might be a red flag
  • Discipline vs strategy – How motivation is like physical and mental chess
  • DJ’s Journaling Recommendation – Writing across the lines – Stream of consciousness
  • Planning with the end in mind
  • Why you don’t always have to be positive, why being realistic is more important than being positive
  • DJ’s recovery from brain surgery, how he asked for more time and got more time.
  • Why the brain tumour is one of the best things that ever happened to DJ.
  • The cure for complaining, and why DJ asks himself regularly: “Is this what you asked for more time for?”  

This Week’s Listener Challenge

This week, we challenge our listeners to practice stream of consciousness journaling every day for 7 days. Try writing by hand on lined paper, but instead of writing on the lines, write across the lines, in the other direction. There is no right or wrong here, just whatever words come to mind. Let us know how it goes, post on social with hashtag #lifeoftaniachallenge and tag @white_lion_athletics and @life_of_tania


People & Things We Mention in this Episode

Fooled By Randomness and Black Swan by Nassem Taleb
Jocko Podcast  “It’s Good” 

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Let’s Keep The Conversation Going…

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