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Episode 4 – Mood Disorder or Superpower? Rebecca Boskovic Interviews Tania on the Strength For Life Podcast

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Episode 4

This is a very special episode of the podcast; a rebroadcast of an interview I did on the Strength for Life Podcast, with my friend Rebecca Boskovic.

Rebecca is an entrepreneur, personal trainer, mom, and life coach. She is the founder and CEO of The Fittest Me, she provides structure and support for individuals who have fallen out of step with their own bodies and are ready to live in a body they love. After decades of feeling painfully self-conscious in my own body, she has learned a few things about how to achieve a fitness goal while also enjoying the journey along the way. 

Last year she interviewed me for her podcast, Strength for Life. We discussed my business, North Star Fitness originally CrossFit Winnipeg, Inc, as well as my bipolar diagnosis and how it was the impetus for life long journey of learning about health and fitness, and how it eventually lead to the creation of CrossFit Winnipeg, now North Star Fitness.

We cover mood disorders in the context of entrepreneurialism, along with lifestyle strategies for overcoming mood issues, and some of the protocols we use to break the negative feedback loop and turn your mood disorder into a superpower.


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More About Rebecca

Rebecca is the founder and CEO of The Fittest Me, she provides structure and support for individuals who have fallen out of step with their own bodies and are ready to live in a body they love. After decades of feeling painfully self-conscious in my own body, she has learned a few things about how to achieve a fitness goal while also enjoying the journey along the way. She believes that each one of was born with our own unique Power Potential. As our God-given birthright, it can neither be taken away nor diminished. Yet,how we choose to act on that potential is up to us. To manifest it fully, our power must be forged through struggle, sacrifice, repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and an embracing of its gift to ourselves and others.

Her  personal story includes many years of turning my back on my own power potential. The downside of that story is that there were a number of years when she lived out of step with my her strength . . . always trying to mute it or dim it. The silver lining is that she learned what it takes to own it, and understand that it is never too late to claim our power potential and hone it in this world.

She has chosen fitness as the vehicle for bringing this message of empowerment to the world because it is simply the most effective route to manifesting the power laying in wait inside each of us.

You can email Rebecca at , and check out her podcast Strength For Live Podcast HERE.

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What We Talk About in this Episode

In this episode, I tell my “origin story”, and how it eventually became North Star Fitness, Home of CrossFit Winnipeg. Rebecca is a fantastic interviewer and we delved into some pretty emotional topics for the both of us, including:
  • How my bipolar diagnosis changed the course of my life forever, and was the real start of North Star Fitness/ CrossFit Winnipeg.
  • How I was able to treat my mood disorder with lifestyle, nutrition and fitness, and how this lead me to found CrossFit Winnipeg.
  • How mental illness can be a source of strength and a tool for finding authenticity, and self-actualization.
  • The link between entrepreneurialism and mental illness. How I went from being told I would never be able to hold down a full time job to becoming a full time entrepreneur serving 300 members.
  • The missing piece of the puzzle for treating mood disorders.
  • The one mindset change that will change how you handle mental health. Hint: you can’t separate it from physical health.
  • Why I am who I am today, because of my mental illness, and not despite my condition.
  • What lifestyle changes I made to taper off my mood stabilization medications.
  • Creating a support system for mood disorders.
  • What it feels like to have a manic episode, and can it be harnessed.
  • How to honour and harness your moods.
  • The link between exercise and mood. How exercise can break a negative feedback loop.

People & Things We Mention in this Episode

Two Brain Business – this is the business mastermind/mentoring group where Tania & Rebecca connected.

The DSM-V – diagnostic manual for psychiatric disorders.

Charles Poliquin – Taught me a lot about supplementation and nutrition when I first treated my symptoms with lifestyle.

Paleo Diet – I saw a huge improvement in symptoms after switching to an ancestral or “paleo diet”, which I learned from Robb Wolf at the time.

Bipolar, the CEO Disease – Came across this article, and interestingly, the doctor who was quoted in the article was my doctor when I was diagnosed.


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