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CrossFit Winnipeg: Tuesday November 26, 2013


Fitness & Health:
A. 5 sets:
Chin up AMRAP -2
DB Press or Push press AMRAP -2 @1/4 BWT per hand
B. Tabata Handstand hold
C. Tabata Toes to Bar

A. 5 sets:
Chin up AMRAP -2
DB Shoulders to OH AMRAP -2 @ 1/3 BWT per hand
B. Tabata Deficit Handstand Pushup or Handstand Walk
C. Tabata Toes to Bar

Performance WOD in class, as well as your squat program. If you can come out to yoga or mobility class.

Coach’s Tips

For Part A we are doing 5 sets of chin-ups or pullups and dumbbell push press.  The weight or load will be set beforehand you’ll try to get as many good reps in as you can per set, stopping a couple of reps short of failure.  There are 5 sets so you want to keep a bit left in your gas tank each time to get good numbers throughout.  Please alternate grip per set supinated, pronated, mixed, etc.  If you don’t have a chinup you can use a band and do strict chinups or do ring rows.  You can also do ring rows and db bench press if you have a shoulder injury that tends to be aggravated when you go overhead.  For the dumbbell push press choose a challenging weight but one that would allow you to do at least 10 reps on your first set when you are fresh.  Rx is 1/3 BWT per hand, please ballpark it, there is no need to start taking out the scale for this.  Finish off the day with 2 tabatas, each one being 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest for max reps.  The first is handstand hold on the wall or for more advanced athletes, choose your weakness, like handstand walking or deficit handstand pushups and work on that instead.


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