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CrossFit Winnipeg: Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

photo 4Fitness:
A. 4 sets:
Pendlay Row; 8-10 reps
B. For quality and for time:
25 Ring pushups
25 Superman/Archer Rocks
25 T- pushups alternating sides
25 Situp to Straddle
25 Diamond Pushups
25 Hollow Rocks
C. 3 sets for quality:
1.25 ring rows 8-10 reps
crab walk 1 gym length

A. 4 sets:
Pendlay Row; 8-10 reps
B. 2 sets for quality:
10 Diamond pushups
10 Superman Rocks
10 T- pushups
10 Situp to Straddle
10 Hand release pushups
10 Hollow Rocks
C. 3 sets:
1.25 ring rows 8-10 reps
crab walk 1 gym length

A. Powerlifting class or Squat Program (please ask Adrian or Tania for tonight’s squat session)
B. 4 sets:
Pendlay Row; 8-10 reps
C. For quality and for time:
30 Ring dips
30 KB Swings (70/55)
30 Ring Pushups
30 GHD Sit-Ups
30 Hand Release Pushups
30 Hollow Rocks
C. 3 sets for quality:
1.25 ring rows 8-10 reps
2-3 skin the cat on bar
D. Yoga class or 60 min mobility focusing on restorative stretching, breath and joint mobility

Coach’s Tips

Please focus on solid shoulder and back positioning for the pendlay rows.  These are a lot like standard barbell rows except that you are starting on the ground in a deadlift position. You can adjust the load per set as long as you stay within the rep range, particularly if you haven’t done these before.  If you did them last time, try to go a bit heavier as it is less reps. Part B is for time, but as per usual shoddy reps and/or incomplete range of motion are not an option.  This is a lot of pushing to try not to go to failure on these. In a large class, start times can be staggered or the order of the exercises can be changed.  The diamond pushups are simply regular pushups done with hands close together creating a diamond shape with thumbs and index fingers.  The other movements should  be familiar.  We finish the class with a bit more pulling, this time in the form of 1 1/4 ring rows so if you start at the bottom, pull yourself all the way up, then  go a quarter of the way down,then back up and down.  This would be one rep.  Adjust your foot position such that you can maintain solid midline position, shoulders back and down and full range of motion.


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