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CrossFit Winnipeg: Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday is funday at CFW!  You can come to barbell club at noon or come to a CrossFit class at 10 or 11 to work on skills, make up a WOD you missed from this week’s programming or do the benchmark of the week…

“GI Jane”

100 burpee pullups for time


Ideally the pullups bar should be 12 inches above your reach, but this can be modified for your skill level.  Advanced athletes can wear a weighted vest. Please keep in mind that we are running the Agatsu kettlebell course this weekend so all classes will be in the On Ramp room, you can go in through the back.  This means that you can use the pull up bar in the back for GI Jane and platforms will be shared for Barbell Club.

Please note that due to the Kettlebell seminar, the weekly update and video blog will be posted on Monday, but here is a preview of what to expect.

Monday: mostly lower body, Oly based, rest day for competition

Tuesday: mostly upper body, horizontal push & pull

Wednesday: conditioning

Thursday: mostly lower body, deadlift focus

Friday: mostly upper body, vertical push & pull

Saturday: mostly lower body, squat focus

Sunday: make up, skills, or benchmark


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