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CrossFit Winnipeg: November 5, 2013

CrossFit Gymnastics, Ring Fly
“I believe I can fly”

Fitness, Health & Performance:
A. Test your 1RM close grip bench press
B. 5 rounds each, alternating with a partner, rest while partner works:
partner 1 does 8 ring rows, then hold top of ring row for 30 sec, then rests while partner 2 does the same
partner 1 does 8 glute ham raises or hip extensions, then hold at parallel for 30 sec, then rests while partner 2 does the same

Performance WOD, rest 30+ min then:
A. 6 sets:
Back Squat 6 set sof 5 reps @80%; rest 30 sec
Active Hang in false grip 30 sec; ret 2 min
B. For time:
15 Snatch (135/85 lbs)
30 Box Jump-Overs (24”/20”)
45 Kettlebell Swings* (24/16 kg)
60 Double Unders
45 Kettlebell Swings* (24/16 kg)
30 Box Jump-Overs (24”/20”)
15 Snatch (135/85 lbs)
We are now posting the competition team workouts on the WOD blog.  If you are already cleared to be on the team, you may do this during off hours or in the back room.  If you are not on the team but want to be, please email tania@crossfitwinnipeg.com for details.  The regular class is the priority for today if you haven’t tested your 1RM close grip bench press in the last 2 months. If you have time for a double, do this as your second workout, but keep in mind front squat testing on Thursday. If this is your priority, do only 3 sets of back squats instead of 6.

Coach’s Tips

Today we get to see if we got any stronger at our close grip bench press.  Work with a partner/spotter and build up to a max.  If you are new to CFW, 3 months or less, please do a 3RM or 5RM instead of the testing. Part B is similar to a workout we did a few weeks ago but this time we have glute ham raises instead of pushups.  For the ring rows, do 8 reps then hold the top of the ring row with elbows back, shoulder blades back and down, thumbs to armpits or chest.  For the GHD part of the workout, you will do 8 reps, then hold your body in a straight plank with hips open, body parallel to the floor.  The preferred movement here is a full glute ham raise, i.e. hip extension + leg curl on the GHD, however this movement tends to be tough for many people, please make sure that if you choose this movement, you are able to fully open at the hip before flexing the knee, no shooting the hips back as a cheat.  Another option is a simple hip extension, but please make sure that this is correctly done as a hip hinge. You can also do these weighted.  A third option, which is atually quite challenging is to do a hip bridge or single leg hip bridge, and go up and down for your 8 reps then hold at the top for 30 seconds. You may start on the rings or the GHD, your choice, stagger as needed in larger classes.


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