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CrossFit Winnipeg: Monday, May 12, 2014

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Turning it up a notch

A. 5 Sets:
DB Split Squat 5-7 reps per leg@ 30X1
Snatch Grip Deadlift 5-7 reps @31X1
B. 3 Rounds:
1 min Wall Ball Shots (20/12)
1 min front plank
1 min Sled pull forward (135/90)
1 min reverse plank
C. Tabata Mashup:
Hollow Hold with dowel
Archer Hold with dowel

A. 5 Sets:
DB Split Squat 4-5 reps per leg@ 30X1
Snatch Grip Deadlift 4-5 reps @31X1
B. 3 Rounds:
30 sec DB thruster + 30 sec rest
30 sec front plank + 30 sec rest
30 sec Sled pull forward + 30 sec rest
30 sec reverse plank+30 sec rest
C. Tabata Mashup:
Hollow Hold with dowel
Archer Hold with dowel

A. 3 sets:
handstand shoulder touches 8-10 reps per side
butterfly pullup practice 8-10 reps
B. 5 Sets:
BB Front Rack Split Squat 5-7 reps per leg@ 30X1
Snatch Grip Deadlift 5-7 reps @31X1
C. 3 Rounds:
20 unbroken wall ball shots (30/20)
1 min FLR or Ring Support Hold
4 gym lengths Sled pull forward (180/135)
1 min Sorensen Hold
D. Tabata:
Arch to hollow with V-Up

Coach’s Tips

This week and next week we go back to some tempo and unilateral work. For Part A we pick up where we left on April 19th for our split squat progression, so try to use the same variation as you’ve used recently but with a bit more weight. A good goal for this exercise with dumbbells is 1/3 BWT per hand for 8 reps at tempo. The split squats can be done with front foot slightly elevated (easiest), with both feet on floor (intermediate) or Bulgarian style, with the back foot elevated (advanced).  The goal is full range of motion.  For those wanting to focus on improving your squats and olympic lifts, please focus on moving down in a forward diagonal like an escalator rather than straight down, while still keeping your torso upright. You should end up with as much of your hamstring touching your calf as possible while keeping heel planted, imitating a deep squat with that front leg.  However, if you tend to have knee issues or limited mobility it might be easier for you to just go straight down as this will allow you to stay on your heel better. Alternate with wide grip deadlifts, ideally hook grip, though you may use straps if you like, as this tempo will be tough to hold on with a hook grip for this many reps. The hard part on these is keeping a nice extended back and and activating the lats to keep the bar close.  Weights will be significantly less than conventional deadlift, because of both the tempo and the grip, probably not much more than half of your max deadlift – when done correctly.  Our metcon has us working at a high inensity for the wall balls and sled pulls, then a bit of partial recovery during planks.  There is no need for transition time, but try to get a full minute on wall balls and sleds, then cut into plank time as needed. Hopefully, everyone is starting get a bit more comfortable our Monday tabata, you know the drill…


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