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CrossFit Winnipeg: January 23, 2014


Fitness, Health & Performance:
A. EMOTM for 15 minutes:
Min 1-5: 3 snatch pulls
Min 6-10: 3 power snatch
Min 11-5: 1 snatch + 2 pause OH squat
B. Complete the following for quality, not for time, in any order, broken up as you like:
8 gym lengths sled pull forward
8 gym lengths sled pull backward
8 muscle-ups
8 TGU per side
8 Wall walks or handstand holds
8 gym lengths farmer carry

FrostFit Competitors: Rest, work on mobility, or if you MUST do this workout, do it as follows, then come out to the athlete prep meeting at 6PM to discuss the events, strategy, and warm-up tips.

A. EMOTM for 15 minutes, adjusting the weight per set as needed.
Min 1-5: 2 snatch pulls
Min 6-10: 2 power snatch
Min 11-5: 1 snatch + 2 pause OH squat
B. 2-3 sets of skill work:
1-2 gym lengths hand over hand stationary sled pull
1-2 gym lengths partner carry
1-2 TGU per side
2-3 muscle-ups, dips or pushups
2-3 handstand pushups

Coach’s Tips

The theme for today’s workout is quality over quantity. For Part A the coach may give you some modifications depending on how familiar you are with this movement. You can adjust the weight per set but you won’t have much time to do so. Keep the movements fast and powerful. For Part B, you can complete the work in any order and partitioned however you like.  If you do not have muscle-ups you can practice the transitions as a skill, either from kneeling or as a jumping muscle-up or using our new gadget.



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