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CrossFit Winnipeg: January 21, 2014

Team Cardio!

Fitness, Health & Performance:
A. EMOTM for 12 minutes:
Odd: Strict Handstand pushup 2-3 reps or 4-6 reps kipping HSPU
Evem: 2-3 strict pullups (can be weighted) or 4-6 kipping pullups
B. Complete the following for quality, not for time, in any order, broken up as you like:
30 reps toes to bar
30 reps reverse hyper
30 reps hollow rocks
30 jump squats
30 cal row or airdyne
30 KB cleans (single and double)
30 burpees

FrostFit Competitors: Do Part A as is and for Part B, partition the reps in such a way that you are never failing or struggling, such as 3 rounds of 10 reps.  The goal is to keep the intensity high and rest as needed to maintain perfect quality of movement.  If any of these movements tend to make you sore, you can reduce the reps or simply come out to mobility class instead.

Coach’s Tips

For Part A, choose a rep scheme and movement variation that allows you to work quite consistently without fear of failing or getting technically sloppy.  Work on relaxing and breathing through these movements.  If your priority is strength, health or body composition choose the strict versions of these mvoements, but if you are competing in FrostFit or the Open, start working on your kip, as long as you can do at least 1 rep strict.  You can sub wall walks, Conans or even handstand holds for the HSPU and ring rows or negatives for the pullups (no negatives if you are competing this weekend, they will make you too sore).  For Part B, the ideas is to do the work and do it well, however, you can do the movements in any order and partitionned however you like.


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