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CrossFit Winnipeg: Friday November 1, 2013

Weighted Pull-ups CrossFit Winnipeg
“I got this!”

Fitness & Performance:
A. Find your 1RM in the weighted pullup pronated grip
B. For time:
100 Double-Unders
50 Box Jumps (24/20)
25 Ring Dips
100 Double-Unders

A. Find your 1RM in the weighted pullup pronated grip
B. 5-6 sets, for quality not for time, resting as needed:
2-3 reps HSPU OR 20-3 sec handstand hold OR 2 wall walks
8-10 russian step-ups per leg
2-3 reps Ring dips OR ring pushups OR ring support 20-30 sec
30 sec double under practice OR 8-10 russian step-ups per leg

Coach’s tips

Part A is our first real strength test of this cycle, we are looking to find a true 1RM i the pronated grip pullup. If time permits you may also test supinated grip.  If you aren’t quite at the point of doing weighted pullups just yet, but have been training your strict pullup, today is a great day to try it out. Remember to stay tight, pull your shoulder blades back and down and then pull with your arms.  It only counts if you start at a dead hang and you get your chin clearly above the bar.  If you don’t have a strict pullup, you can use today to train strength, with negatives, bands and ring rows, as recommended by your coach.  For Part B, we have a fun little classic CrossFit metcon.  We want to keep things going pretty consistently so make sure that you choose movement variations that allow you to do so without failing half way through.  For the double unders, scale back reps first if possible but if you don’t have any double unders, you can sub 2x singles or a 300M row.  For handstand pushups, the standard will be essentially a “headstand” pushup, so that your head should go flush to the ground and come up to full extension of the elbow.  You can shorten the range of motion by using an abmat if needed, or simply modify to kicking up to a handstand and doing a regular pushup or do your HSPU with feet on a box in a pike position.  If you choose this option, please make sure that your head and hands form a tripod and that you keep elbows in, avoid letting the elbows splay out.  For the box jumps, the Fitness standard is to jump up and step down.  If you have knee, ankle, hip, or back issues, or if you are not squatting your bodyweight, please consider substituting russian KB swings or step-ups.  Performance athletes, feel free to rabbit hop these as needed.  For the ring dips, as for the double unders and handstand pushups, reduce the reps if you can do a few.  Otherwise substitute any horizontal pushing movement.   If full range of motion toe pushups are on your conquer list, simply do these instead, or go to ring pushups.  Finish with one last set of double unders.  Enjoy!


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