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CrossFit Winnipeg: Friday, April 4th, 2014

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Fitness, Health & Performance:
A. 3 sets:
Pendlay Row; 10-12 reps
DB incline bench; 10-12 reps
B. 10 minutes to complete these in any order:
30 T-Pushups
30 1.25 ring rows
30 Paralette shoot throughs
Then in the remaining time: cover as much distance as possible with farmer carry.

Coach’ s Tips

Please click on the link above for a demo of the Pendlay row, it is essentially a bent over row performed from the ground. Aim for about a 45 degree angle on the bench for the incline bench and push straight up toward the ceiling, not perpendicular to the bench, for tempo, think control on the way down, and fast on the way up. In large classes, you may also sub seated dumbbell press if the incline benches get too busy. For Part B, you will have 10 minutes to complete the first 3 exercises and with any remaining time on the clock, count how many laps you can farmer carry.  Rx weights would be 1/2 BWT per hand.

Don’t forget about the potluck and wind-up party tomorrow night to celebrate the end of the 2014 Crossfit Open. Everyone is welcome… so if you didn’t compete in the Open, but would still like to come out, do it! The more the merrier.

We will not be having a team workout prior to the potluck and awards…. but we would still like to see what kind of outfit you can come up with to go with our theme of “Would you be my friend if I CrossFit in this… “

We are using a new online tracker to serve as your RSVP and to see what everyone will be bringing. It’s really easy to use! 



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