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CrossFit Winnipeg Is…

By: Yvonne Grenier

CrossFit is the sound of the squeak of the rowers at 6am. There’s nothing like it!

It’s about the confidence you gain outside the gym. It’s being proud to say that you’ve accomplished what you thought was an impossible task. It’s the ability to manage your body and mind under stress, because you practiced it at the gym every day.

It’s about being the first to finish a workout just to find yourself being the last one to finish the next day. It’s being more flexible, having more body awareness and being less clumsy.

It’s about getting off my butt and out of bed at 5am to do the 6am class, and having the backbone to say no to those TimBits that your coworker brought to work because they want you to share in their cheat day. AND YOU SAY NO because you didn’t get your ass out of bed for nothing! This is the power of CrossFit.

It’s when your pants get loose around your waste, snug around the hips and tight around your thighs. Gaining muscle, losing inches!

It’s when your heavy grocery bag slips off your shoulder and you catch it in your KB rack position and keep walking. You farmer carry your groceries from the car to the house. When you bend down and find yourself tying up your boots and you notice you’re in the floor sweep position. When you can help your friends move and help with the couches and cabinets. It’s cleaning and pressing those 35lb office boxes overhead to the top shelf of the filing room at work.

CrossFit teaches us that pain and discomfort are only temporary. Everything is just temporary. CrossFit is making you a better person today for today. Crossfit isn’t just about the workouts, it’s about building people, mentally and physically. This is the power of CrossFit.

CrossFit brought me more than just functional fitness for everyday life, it brought me resilience, mental strength and grounding. Secondary things that you never thought would come with moving and working out.

Here are some words of wisdom that I’ve come to realize over the years: Don’t compare yourself to someone who’s been on their journey longer than you have. Compare yourself to the person who you were yesterday. You’ll see immediate results!

To conclude again, I just want to express how extremely grateful I am to have made CFW my point of no return. Thank you for this fabulous gift!

Congrats on nearly a decade of CrossFit Yvonne!! Your commitment is second to none and your results speak for themselves. We’re so lucky to have you as part of the CFW Family! 


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