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COVID-19 Protocols

Monday, June 1 we can open our doors again and we are beyond excited! We understand that people are all over the map in terms of personal obligations, financial situation, and level of comfort about coming to the gym. 

We are here to help you feel great, achieve your goals, and be the healthiest version of you no matter where you choose to do that. We want you to feel safe, and comfortable working out whether it is in the gym, at home or wherever you may be working out. 

So, if you are staying home we are going to support you and continue to offer remote coaching online. If you want to workout safely in the gym, we are also here to support you. We’ve been preparing for this for over a month and have our own phased plan in place so that we can safely reopen.

Phase 1 

Last week, we started outdoor personal training on the blacktop at the gym. Thank goodness for nice weather and our clients’ patience and cooperation in terms of all the restrictions with regard to facility usage and screening procedures.

Phase 2

We are extremely excited to re-open the gym for indoor training on Monday, June 1st with personal training only, with several safety precautions and screening procedures. If you are a personal training client, contact your trainer if you want to get back into the gym as of next week. If you are a member of one of our group programs and want to try out personal training at the gym, please book a complimentary consult, we can do this over the phone or in person, and once we’ve chatted a bit about what you are looking for, we’ll make sure to try to match you with the best trainer for your goals and needs.

Phase 3

Once we are confident that all our safety protocols are running smoothly for indoor personal training, we will look at opening up some time slots for small group training sessions. Small group sessions will allow us to control the number of people we have in our facility as well as the use of space and equipment for your safety. Smaller groups mean our coaching staff will know exactly who is coming to each session in advance, which will allow us to customize programming to your goals, and give more coaching to each individual, in other words, a win-win. Stay tuned for more details on this very soon, we are beyond excited about this!


Phase 4

This would be the return of full size group classes and specialty programs i.e. back to “normal”. Currently we have no way of knowing if or when it will be safe to operate in this manner again, and so if you are wanting to get back to group training inside the gym, we encourage you to sign up for small group sessions as they become available. 


What Safety Measures Are We Taking?

We’ve opted to minimize risk as much as possible rather than just doing the bare minimum mandated by the province. We understand that while you may not be at risk, your loved ones and others in the community at large might be. As a business, we choose to take on some minor inconveniences if there is even a small chance that a few lives can be saved in the long term. We are in the health business after all…

Here is a quick summary of some of the precautions we are taking at the gym to minimize the risk to our clients, our staff and their loved ones who may be at higher risk of COVID-19.

  • Clearly marked separate workout areas for each client, with equipment sanitized and laid out in the client workout area before each session.
  • Staff members will take the COVID self screening questionnaire each morning before entering the gym
  • Staff will take their temperature with a contactless thermometer upon arriving
  • Staff will sanitize all equipment between personal training sessions
  • Staff will wear a face mask at all times while they are in the gym and not able to maintain the required physical distance of 2 meters or while sanitizing the client workout area
  • Mandatory hand washing between clients.
  • Clients will receive the reminder email 40 hours before their scheduled session with the details of the protocols to follow
  • Clients will receive an email link for COVID-19 self screening 12 hours prior to their session and must complete it before entering the gym. We will be waiving all appointment cancellation fees for clients who must cancel a session due to COVID-19.
  • We ask that all clients show up wearing gym clothes. The change rooms, cloak room, lobby area & showers will be closed for use.
  • Please bring your own water bottle & towel, the water cooler will be closed.
  • Lobby bathrooms will be closed and only the back bathroom will be available for use. It will be sanitized frequently by staff.
  • We ask that if you arrive early for your session, please wait outside the gym or in your car until the trainer comes to greet you for your session. Entry will be through the big overhead doors or small gym door. There will be no access through the main entrance.
  • There will be hand sanitizer provided upon entering and leaving the gym.
  • To prevent possible contamination in the general area, clients/members/trainers must wear a mask anytime outside their designated area. This would include coming into the building, going to the washroom or returning outside.
  • You may wear your own mask or purchase one at the gym for a small fee.
  • Equipment will be sanitized by the trainer, wearing a mask, before and after use.
  • Implement social distancing rules i.e. clients and trainers are required to be 2 meters apart at all times.


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