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Coach Jason’s 21 Day Kickstart (that never ended)

By: Coach Jason Paul

My story starts pretty much at the same point we all find ourselves in at one point or another. For the last half of 2018 I was feeling sluggish and bloated. Didn’t really care too much about what I ate or drank and was only working out 2 times per week on average. At that time I was approximately 185 pounds and 25% BF.

I felt bloated and just plain not happy with myself. I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person I had become. Granted It wasn’t that bad, but self doubt and lack of self care led me to a place I didn’t like.

So when the January nutrition challenge was announced I decided I needed a change. My main goal was to just eat as clean as possible and maybe have a cheat or 2 on the weekend. I planned on following a Keto/Paleo-ish diet.

The first week’s meals consisted of bacon, eggs avocado and tomatoes for breakfast and a mix of tuna and egg salad for lunch and homemade chicken soup for lunches and dinners. The following weeks I threw in some fish and pork or chicken and a big salad with nuts seeds, cheese and meat of some sort everyday.

I supplemented with a green protein drink in the morning and sometimes a normal protein shake in the afternoon or evening. Snacks were stuff like apples slices with almond butter and turkey slices with cheese. Nuts and seeds along with blueberries and raspberries in cream or coconut-based yogurt were also on the menu. If I’m being honest, the 21 days was a bit too calorie restrictive, but my meals were spaced in such a way I never really felt hungry.

I lost 10 pounds of bodyweight and 5% body fat in the first 21 days. For February and March I kept the meals similar but upped the protein and added some carbs such as sweet potato, white rice and Oatmeal (even had some tortilla wraps and now just added some rye bread back into the mix.) Also I can pretty much live off of charcuterie type food, so I’ve been using those things as snacks as well (meats, cheeses, rice crackers, pickles, olives and liver pate). Oh and I also love pistachios and sunflower seeds as snacks as well.

If I had to describe my nutrition now I’d say I am at 80% dialed in in terms of eating clean with 20% fun food and drinks mainly on the weekend. I love craft beer, burgers, pizza and don’t want to stop enjoying those things. I now keep them to a minimum and on the weekends. I also prep meals once per week typically on Sundays and then again a small prep mid week. Everything gets packaged and sorted for each day and any extra is frozen for later. Food prep isn’t for everyone, but I felt if I didn’t prepare I would fall back into eating at the cafeteria at work or just grabbing something quick that wasn’t very nutritious.

So far to date I have lost over 20 lbs and am down to just under 17% BF. My SMM has gone up as well, but I did lose a bit too much muscle. So my new goal is to put on an additional 5 pounds or so of muscle by June which will require more carbs and overall calories, but I am up for the challenge.

If you see me doing another workout and not a regular Crossfit class it is because I am doing a hypertrophy style program to help build back that muscle I’ve lost. Ill throw in some running and CF classes in between the other workouts too.

Now that I reflect on the last 3 months I can honestly say that I feel so much better in both body and spirit. I will continue to refine and adjust my food as needed and try to make the right choices everyday.


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