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City Chicks and the Earthship

Hello everyone,

This week is flying. I hope you all have automated your habits by now and are well on your way to a life long journey of healthy living. 

Before we get into the Earthship I want to introduce you to the waste and recycling crew that pays you. The laying hen. I read this really good book called City Chicks by Patricia L Foreman . In it I was blown away by the city of Diest in Flanders Belgium that gave its citizens 3 hens to 2000 households and reduced its organic waste going into the land fill by 70%. Do I need to say that again? You give the chickens all of your food scraps and vegetable waste and they give you wonderful eggs, manure for composting and a nice chicken dinner eventually.  The City of Winnipeg went and outlawed owning chickens.        

According to City of Winnipeg By-law 92/2013   

29(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), no person may keep or raise poultry except in districts zoned “agricultural” under the Winnipeg Zoning By-law.

I am sure this is a well reasoned by-law. However, we now have better information. I don’t mind excess limit regulations but to out right ban the wonderful laying hen yet allowing useless birds like parrots or full on animal collector homes is illogical. Imagine fertilizing your garden in January with all the Chicken shit you have composted. Garden in January you say? Let me tell you about it. 

My dream home.

The EarthShip

Great Earthship video 1 Graphic of Earthship construction

Great Earthship video 2 How it does in a Canadian Prairie winter.

There you have it folks, low to no carbon foot print living with out much of a sacrifice.

Tomorrow we will discuss canning, the difference between a larder and a pantry and some very cool ideas for food storage.

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Coach Gary  


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