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CFW Weekly Update June 8th, 2014

June is a very busy month at CFW, here’s what we have coming up:

* Our Spring Leaning Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge was a huge success!  Winners were announced at Friday night’s potluck.  Check out these results!

* Remember that this weekend is our  in-house mock powerlifting meet.  Friday night powerlifting will be an info session rather than a training session and Saturday Powerlifting and Sunday Oly time slots will be swapped for that weekend only.   We’ll run Sunday’s event just like a powerlifting meet and all members are welcome to participate whether you’ve been attending powerlifting or not. This will take place on Sunday, June 15th at noon and the duration will depend on how many people sign up. You can sign up just like you would register for a regular class in Zen Planner and there is no extra fee. We’re working on getting a BBQ organized for afterwards, keep an eye on the blog and upcoming events for updates on this.  If anyone has some meat to donate to put on the barbie, please let me know…

* We’ll be hosting the CrossFit Level 1 Trainer course on June 21st and 22nd.  Unfortunately we won’t be able to hold any classes at the gym on that weekend.  We are planning a Team WOD at Maginot Arena as well as a trail run that weekend.  Still looking for a good running route with a nice place to meet up.  We were thinking of meeting in St.Boniface as there are some nice scenic routes there, including the Seine River Trail and Whittier Park.  Thoughts or suggestions?

* We have some dates set up for our Kids Summer Camps, check the sidebar for more details. We’re doing half day camps for the younger kids and evening classes for pre-teens and teens.  Sign up your kids before classes fill up! We would appreciate it if you could mention it to friends and family with children and we also have posters at the gym if you would like to put one up at your workplace, school, community centre or any other gathering place.

Programming Preview for this week

Just a few more weeks in this training cycle. Our testing week will be the week of June 23rd, so you’ll want to come into that week feeling rested. It’s always a good idea to take a week to take it easy or completely off every couple of months, so next week is a good week to take a few more rest days or to do the Health WODs as a means of reducing volume and increasing recovery before testing.

On another note, a quick reminder that a lot of thought goes into programming for the various streams, and in particular the modifications to the Performance workouts, which are set up so that you are at your best for the programmed skill work and double days. This means that if you are doing the Performance WOD, you need to be doing the entire Performance WOD unmodified and unscaled, and you need to be planning your week, including double days and rest days accordingly.   Picking and choosing parts of the workout is counter productive if your goal is improved performance in the sport of CrossFit. Best results come to those who follow the program as a whole, including the skill and recovery work. If you aren’t at the point where you can do this just yet or if you are nursing an injury or not feeling 100%, my recommendation is to stick to the fitness or health workouts. Take care of yourself for the long game, don’t rush it… and please do not put the coaches in a position where they have to enforce these rules.

Monday: Mostly Lower body, speed deadlift focus

Tuesday: Mostly Upper body, dip/gymnastics focus

Wednesday: Benchmark workout

Thursday: Mostly Lower Body, squat focus (Coach Adrian’s Birthday WOD)

Friday: Mostly Upper Body, vertical pushing & pulling, pressing focus

Saturday: Mostly Lower Body, Oly/skill focus

Sunday: Skills, Make-Up or Benchmark

Spoiler Alert: Click HERE to see the details of this week’s group programming.


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