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CFW Weekly Update for September 7th, 2014

What’s New

Congratulations to all our members on your testing results this week, your hard work has paid off! Personal records were abundant and the numbers don’t lie – CFW programming works!!!

Congratulations also to our athletes who competed in Saskatoon this weekend at the Bridge City Beatdown.  Our friends over at Synergy put on great events!

Our next big event is a CF24, CFW is proud to host 24 hours of workouts for Special Olympics Canada Foundation.  Sign up your team now…

Programming Preview

This week we transition to our fall training cycle.  The next few months will see a bit more Oly and gymnastics skills as well as core, hip and shoulder stability work. Unlike many CrossFit boxes who program random workouts, at CFW we use the huge existing body of knowledge of exercise science to create a periodized program that will set you up for success. This means modulating volume (reps and sets) and intensity (loads and metabolic demand) over the course of a training cycle to create a positive adaptation that will set you up for PRs at the end of the cycle. Some of the lifts and skills we’ll be focusing on and testing are Back Squat, Overhead Squat, Clean, Jerk, Weighted pullups, as well as gymnastics skills such as ring muscle ups, skin the cat, bridges and handstands.

To get the best results, it’s important to train consistently and to do the WODs as indicated by the program and the coach. From a practical perspective, this means respecting tempo, as well as work to rest ratios.  It also means using prescribed intensity percentages indicated in the WOD, whether that be loading weights as % of your 1 rep max, or working metabolic conditioning at a certain % of intensity.  More is not always better and harder is not always better. Best results come to those who trust the program!  If you have any questions about the intent of a workout ask Tania or your coach for the class.

In the next two weeks, the goal will be to build, or re-build, a base of stability, structural balance, and conditioning. This means a lot of single arm and single leg work, some tempo work, as well holds and carries and gymnastics for hip and shoulder stability. This week in particular, we’ll be keeping the intensity sub-maximal and working on noticing what is actually happening in our bodies. In contrast to last week’s Fran and other benchmarks, you should actually feel better and more energized after your workouts this week. If you end up rolling around on the floor gasping for air with that “Fran Lung” or “Baseline Burn” feeling, that means you may have missed the point of this week’s workouts.  Don’t worry about how much weight you are lifting this week, instead focus on making each rep the best you can make it.  Also remember that any time we switch things up, it tends to create a lot of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Higher volume and tempo work tends to produce a more muscle soreness than higher intensity heavier weights, this is one thing to keep in mind as you expect some soreness in the next few weeks.

Monday: Mostly Lower Body, Squat focus

Tuesday: Mostly Upper Body, vertical pressing and pulling

Wednesday: Gymnastics, Conditioning & Mobility

Thursday: Mostly Lower Body, Oly focus

Friday: Mostly Upper Body, horizontal pressing & pulling, gymnastics focus

Saturday: Mostly Lower body, Squat focus

Sunday: Benchmark WOD

Spoiler Alert: Detailed workouts for the week will be posted on Monday.  Sorry about the delay but I am currently at the Poliquin Group conference learning about Programming, Nutrition and Supplementation for Performance and Longevity, so I’ll get the details up for you as soon as I can….

Health Programming for week of September 8th, 2014

Fitness & Performance Programming for week of September 8th, 2014

Olympic Weightlifting Programming for week of September 8th, 2014

Powerlifting Programming for week of September 8th, 2014



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