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CFW Weekly Update for September 22, 2019

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CFW Weekly Update for September 22, 2019


Lots of great stuff happening at the gym this month:

  • Global Level Method Testing in our CrossFit classes, This week is Week 3.
  • Qigong/Bagua Classes:  Mondays at noon, evening classes Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm to 9:30pm
  • Mommy & Me is back with Coach Tara, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am.
  • Teens Bootcamp on Wednesdays at 5pm and Kids Fall Classes Wednesdays at 6pm both start Wednesday September 18th.
  • Please note that there will no longer be a CF45/Bootcamp class on Saturdays at 11am, due to lack of attendance.
  • Expect to see a few minor schedule changes for October, specifically to the evening classes. We’ll be making C45/Bootcamp classes a bit longer, closer to an hour, but don’t worry you’ll have the option to leave after 45 minutes if you’re short on time.  This means that the CrossFit Classes after the Bootcamp class will be at 6:30pm instead of 6:15. However, we’ll be switching up the evening time slots on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that you’ll have more variety and flexibility with the classes you choose. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Save the date!  the Open starts October 10th, the big Open day will be Friday, and we’ll actually run the Open workout during all the CrossFit classes that day, with the option to make up on Sundays.




Monday we TEST Squat Endurance & Kettlebell.  Warmup is 8 minutes of Hip/Glute Prep Followed by 2 rounds of Core Engagement.  Squat Endurance is TESTING OR Building Back Squat sets in 12 min.  Prep is Kettlebell Movement Review.   Workout is Kettlebell TEST OR 3 Rounds of Kettlebell Snatches & Burpee Pullups.  Extra Credit is Core Work & Glute Mobility.                    

Tuesday is TEST API.  Warmup is Joint Circles & Squat Mobility.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is Test API OR a 17 min Partner workout with a Rowing Buy-In & an Ascending reps AMRAP.  Extra Credit is Shoulder Stability Work & Ab Mobility.                     

Wednesday we Test Deadlift & UB/LB Endurance.  Warmup is Glute & Core Prep.  Deadlift is Testing OR Build to a Heavy 5 in 15 minutes.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is Testing UB/LB Endurance OR a 10 min AMRAP of Push Press & Reverse Step Lunges.  Extra Credit is Flushing & Mobility.                     

Thursday we Test Rings & Row.  Warmup is Press & Lower Body Prep mixed with Singleunders.  Rings are Testing OR 10 minutes to build to a Heavy 3 Weighted Ring Dips.  Prep is Rowing Review.   Workout is Test Rowing OR a 20 min AMRAP with Doubleunders, Airbike, Box Stepups  & Wallballs. Extra Credit is Core Accessory.       

Friday we Test UB Pull & Lactic Tolerance.  Warmup is Squat and Shoulder Girdle Prep.  UB Pull is Testing OR Build to a Heavy 3 Weighted Chinups in 10 min.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is Test Lactic Tolerance OR Thrusters, Barfacing Burpees, & CTB Pullups for 3 Descending Rounds.  Extra Credit is Flushing and Upper Body Mobility.       

Saturday is Make-up Testing & Test Flexibility.  Warmup is Partner Full Body Prep.  Prep is Medball Clean Review.   Workout is in Partners for 25 minutes with Medball Cleans, Stepups, & a Run.  Finisher is Test Flexibility OR 1:00 Mobility Stations.  Extra Credit is Shoulder Prehab. 

Sunday Funday- Make Up Day!


Monday –  Full Body Cardio; squats, ball slams, burpees, DB snatch, wall balls, pushups, row/bike.

Tuesday –  Legs / Abs; Death by box squat hops, sled pull, lunge, leg raises, pike compressions, toes to bar.

Wednesday –  Partner workout; partner log carry, bar over shoulder, barbell curls, box jumps, situps.

Thursday – 10 Stations!; partner medball situps, DB bench press, pull up negatives, box jumps, rowing, sledge hammers, banded forward walk, tire flips.

Friday –  Long Cardio / Running; KB deadlift, push up, run, DB clean & jerk, DB snatch.

Saturday- step ups, push ups, wall sit abductions, situps, lunges, australian pull ups, plank, burpees, goblet lunge, DB snatch, parallel jump. 

Sunday – Butt and Back – Romanian Deadlits, ring rows, rowing or airbike, band pull apart, Glut bridges



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