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CFW Weekly Update for October 7, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at CrossFit Winnipeg. Classes are cancelled for Thanksgiving Monday, except for a Team workout at 10am.  We’d love to see you there before you indulge in turkey and pie.

Our Benchmark Bash is coming up, starting October 26th, we’ll be getting together to test out some of the most popular classic CrossFit Benchmarks as a group on Friday nights. Stay tuned for more details!


Some of the main priorities in this programming cycle will be deadlift endurance, upper body pushing gymnastics including pushups and handstands, as well as absolute squat strength, and a bit more mobility work within the class setting. This week’s Level Method Testing opportunity will be on Wednesday for Flexibility and Saturday for Cleans. Feel free to use this time for skill work rather than testing if you prefer.

A few notes on how to read the summary below. We’ll identify the main purpose of the workout:

  • Practice:  focus on learning and assimilating the movements
  • Training: scale the movements and loads to get the work done
  • Testing: assess the your current skill, strength or conditioning level for that workout or lift
  • Play: less structured opportunity to move and try out new things

Don’t worry if this stuff doesn’t mean anything to you. If your goal is to feel better or look better, all you need to know is that we’ve got you covered, and the most important thing is to show up!

Monday: Play Day – Team Workout at 10am with emphasis on Lower Body.

Tuesday: Training Day – Full Body – Gymnastics & Conditioning

Wednesday: Practice/Testing Day –  Full Body – Skills & Conditioning

Thursday: Training Day – Full Body – Unilateral & Core Strength & Conditioning

Friday: Training Day – Upper Body Strength & Conditioning

Saturday:Practice/Testing Day –  Full Body – Skills & Conditioning

Sunday: Make up a workout you missed or do the benchmark of the week

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CrossFit Group Oct 8 to 14


C55+ Oct 1 to Oct 26

Mommy Me Sept 25 to Oct 11


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