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CFW Weekly Update for November 4, 2018


Congrats to everyone who came out on Friday for Benchmark Bash!  Our Level Method testing continues off this Friday evening, with Deadlift, Pressing, and Diane!  Should be a fun one!

Remembrance Day Team Workout is scheduled for November 11th. We’ll be doing our traditional Murph workout.  This workout usually has running in it but we’ll have an option to row instead and to do this as a team or individually.

Klokov will be at CFW for an Olympic Weightliting seminar on November 24, register HERE.

Our CFW Members Holiday Party is going to be Friday, December 14th! It’ll be an evening thing and we’ll have more info coming soon.


You might be wondering why the class names look a bit different on the schedule. We’ve renamed the classes so that it lines up a bit better with the vision and programming for each class.  All CrossFit (CF60) members have access to 60, 45, and 30 minute classes. CF45 members get access to 45 and 30 minute classes, and CF30 members get access to all the 30 minute classes. Here’s what you can expect from each class.

CF30 – Sweat it out – This class comprises a warm-up, metabolic conditioning, and cool-down.  Includes basic bodyweight exercises, cardio such as airbikes, rowing, and skipping, and kettlebell and dumbbell movements.

CF45 – Get fit and strong – This class is comprised of a warm-up, strength work, metabolic conditioning, and cool-down. Includes bodyweight basics, cardio such as airbike, rowing, skipping, kettlebell, dumbbell and medicine ball exercises, and foundational barbell movements.

CF60 – Maximize your fitness and be prepared for anything – Our typical 60 minute CrossFit Class, includes a warm-up, strength and skill work, metabolic conditioning, and cool-down. Includes all of the basics in CF45 and 30, with the addition of olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and more advanced gymnastics movements.

Another quick item to note is that there will be different workouts for each program every day. The workouts are designed to be done on their own or combined with each other. For example, if you wanted to do a double day on Monday, the CF60 would be lower body strength with a moderate intensity metcon, CF45 would be upper body strength with intervals, and CF30 would be cyclical cardio with core work, so you could do any combination of those workouts.

This week’s Level Method Testing opportunity will be on Friday for benchmark Bash, or you can also opt to test “Kelly” on Saturday or “Murph” on Sunday. A few notes on how to read the summary below.

Monday: Training – Max Effort Lower Body

Tuesday: Training – Full Body GPP

Wednesday: Practice & Training –  Olympic Weightlifting Skill & Conditioning

Thursday: Practice & Training –  Skill & Conditioning

Friday: Practice – Upper Body & Gymnastics

Saturday: Testing & Play – Benchmark Girl Workout

Sunday: Remembrance Day Team Workout

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CF60 Nov 5 to Nov 11

CF45 Nov 5 to Nov 11

CF30 Nov 5 to Nov 11

Mommy Me Nov 6 to Nov 29

55Plus Oct 29 to Nov 16


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