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CFW Weekly Update for March 19, 2018


One more week of the Open to go… Even if you are not officially signed up, please feel free to come by on Friday nights or Sunday mornings to try out the Open workout or to cheer on your fellow members.  Our Open Wrap-Up Party will be on March 29th, so save the date!

We’ll have some modified hours on Easter Weekend, including mid-morning classes only on Good Friday, and no specialty classes on the Saturday. Please check the schedule before coming in that weekend.

Spring Leaning starts on April 16th!  This 6-week challenge is designed too help you make lasting, meaningful changes to your nutrition and lifestyle so that you can lean out, improve performance and boost your mood. Stay tuned for details.


Our strength work this week will be with moderate loads and moderate volume so that we can maintain strength but be ready for the Open workouts. We are doing benchmark conditioning workouts on Monday and Tuesday, including one of my old school favourite girl WODs on Tuesday. lower body strength days & benchmark metcons will be on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday this week, with some gymnastics skills on Tuesday and Wednesday and full body strength on Friday.

Monday: Training – Lower Body + conditioning workout

Tuesday: Training – GPP

Wednesday:Training & Testing – Strength + benchmark conditioning workout

Thursday:Training & Testing – Lower Body + benchmark conditioning workout

Friday: Training -Training & Testing – Upper Body Strength + benchmark conditioning workout (Friday night is the Open workout)

Saturday:Training – GPP

Sunday: Your chance to make up 18.5

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CrossFit for week of March 19th, 2018

Kettlebell Feb 6 to March 24, 2018

Strength Club Feb 26 to Apr 2 , 2018

55+ for Mar 19 to Mar 29, 2018

Mommy & Me Mar 19 to Mar 29, 2018


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