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CFW Weekly Update for March 15, 2020

​CFW Weekly Update for March 15, 2020



Monday we have Power Cleans and a Muscular Burn Workout.  Warmup is Joint Circles & Weightlifting Prep.  Power Cleans are Building to a Heavy 3 Reps.  Prep is Single-arm KbS Review.   Workout is Two Alt. Tabatas with a 2 min Rest in between.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush & Mobility. Goal: 150+ Reps.

Tuesday is a Heavy Breathing Workout and Core Accessory.  Warmup is RowlingPrep is Movement Review & Demo.   Workout is Partner Cal Row into Cal Bike with a Farmers Carry for the Idle Partner.  Finisher is Rotational Core Work.  Extra Credit is Calf & Core Mobility.  Goal: <30:00.

Wednesday it’s Front Squats and a Muscular Burn Workout.  Warmup is Front Squat Prep.  Front Squats are Building to a Heavy Set of 8 Reps.  Prep is Movement Review & Demo.   Workout is 4-7 Sets of Strict TtB, Press, & Front step Lunges.  Extra Credit is Mobility & Stretching.                 

Thursday will be a Heavy Breathing Workout and Hip/Knee Accessory.  Warmup is Musical PVC PipesPrep is Doubleunder Review & Practice.   Workout is 25 minutes with Wallballs, Box Jumps, American KbS, & Doubleunders.  Finisher is Hip/Knee Accessory.  Extra Credit is Bicep & Glute BB. Goal: 9+ Rounds.

Friday is Deadlift and a Full Body Burn Workout.  Warmup is Deadlift Prep.  Deadlift is Week 3 of the Progression, Building sets of 5Prep is Hang Power Clean & CtB Pullup Review.   Workout is Descending Reps of HpC, CtB Pullups, & Burpees over Bar.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush. Goal: <6:00.

Saturday is a Heavy Breathing → Muscular Burn Workout and a Shoulder Accessory Finisher.  Warmup is Indian Run into General Movement Prep.  Prep is HSPU Review & Prep.   Workout is a Run Buy-in into a HSPU, Front Squat, & GHD Situps.  Finisher is Shoulder Accessory.  Extra Credit is Core Accessory.


Monday – pullups, max box jumps, farmer carry, crunches, hammer curls, dips

Tuesday – jumping pullups, push ups, rowing, strict press, kb swings, sit ups

Wednesday – bench press, walking lunge, deadlifts, pillar planks, single leg box squats

Thursday – leg raises, KB squat, KB goblet squat, pullup, squat, pushups, toes to bar, wall balls, plate snatch, DB deadlift, DB hang, DB press

Friday – burpees, box jumps, sledge hammers, jumping lunges, burden carry, curl to press, DB squats, row, alternating single arm devils press

Saturday – med ball carry, wall balls, rope climbs

Sunday – push press, skipping, squats, bench press 


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