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CFW Weekly Update for June 30, 2019

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CFW Weekly Update for June 30, 2019

Happy Canada Day!  We have a team workout 


CFW Summer Schedule

Summer has finally arrived and the next couple of months will be very busy for all of us. Whether we are on holidays, hosting or going to functions, kids camps & activities, or simply spending time at the lake gives us less time to be training. 

Please see the summer schedule below.  These are seasonal changes to the group class schedule effective Monday, July 8th, to be revised in the fall. 

We’re committed  to maintaining a high quality experience, and this means adjusting our class schedule on a regular basis to respond to the various changes in attendance throughout the year. These seasonal schedule updates are meant to increase attendance and keep the energy level high in classes, while making each of our group programs as accessible as possible.

Morning Classes will remain as they are currently.

All CF30 classes will be omitted.  The lunchtime CF30 is discontinued for the summer, however, we’ll be adding a CF45 in place of the CF30 in the evenings, as indicated below. CF30 members may attend CF45 until next renewal.

Summer Evening Schedule

Monday to Thursday

4:30pm – CF60

5:30pm – CF45

6:15pm – CF60

7:30pm – CF45


4:30pm – CF60

5:30pm – CF45

6:15pm – CF60


8:00am – CF60

9:00am – CF45

10:00am – CF60

11:00am – CF45


9:00am – CF60

10:00am – CF45 (replacing the CF Olympic Weightlifting class)

TRX 6 weeks sessions will also be added twice a week starting on July 2nd. Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10am and on Mondays & Wednesdays at 7pm. For more information on this training contact us at info@crossfitwinnipeg or inquire at reception.

Thanks in advance for your understanding, as we transition into our summer schedule. Thanks again & have a great Summer!



For or major strength work this week, we have Front Squats on Wednesday and Push Press on Friday, and Snatches on Saturday. Opportunities to level up will be on Front Squats on Wednesday,

Monday is  a team workout followed by a Shoulder & Core Finisher Workout is a 24 minute Partner workout with Box Jumps, American Kbs &  ascending pullupsShoulder & Core Finisher is 8 minutes of high-quality movement through Kb Windmills, Single-arm Kb Z-Press & Banded Pull Aparts.  Extra Credit is Flushing with the row coupled with mobility 

Tuesday is  a Heavy Breathing workout –   Workout is four 5-minute intervals,  separated by 1 minute rests.   Each set is either a Row/Bike  or a Run buy in,  followed in the remaining time by reps of Doubleunders & Box Jumps respectively.   Core Finisher is 3 rounds for quality of Tuckups & weighted planksExtra Credit is bodybuilding accessory work. Goal is 350

Wednesday  is  Front Squats and then a Deep Muscle Burn workout –  Front Squats start with front rack specific prep, then we move to 4 sets of 5-8,  depending on Level.  Plenty of time here to prioritize quality.   Workout is a 15 minute AMRAP  of higher-rep push ups, Db Snatches & Air Squats. Extra Credit is ascending minute-stations  between Row and Run/Jog that will work as a flush (breathing through nose only). Goal is 3 + 20 

Thursday  is a Breathe & Burn workout followed by a Core Finisher –   Prep is Deadlift focused. Review technique and build to workout weight.  Workout is a 20 minute Breathe & Burn AMRAP of Deadlifts, Burpee Pullups, Russian Kbs & Running.  Core Finisher is accumulating Plank on elbows with a partner. Extra Credit is SMR focused on regions worked. Goal is 6-7 rounds

Friday  is Push Press and then a Breathe & Burn Girl Benchmark workout “Karen”.  Push Press starts with movement review & progressions, then a 12 minute build,  depending on Level.   Workout is 150 Wallballs for time.  Extra Credit is bodybuilding accessory work for   Arms Goal is <8:00

Saturday  is Snatches & then a Full Body Burn –  Warmup is an 8 min prep for snatching with a focus on shoulders, scap & pec mobility.  Snatches start with progressions (plenty of time here) —  then 12 minutes to build high quality reps.   Workout is a 3 round Full Body Burn,  of Thrusters & Burpee over Bar.   Extra Credit is flushing  on the airbike,  coupled with lower body flexibility. Goal is <6:00

Sunday is Make-Up Day – Make up any of the workouts you missed, or test your Kettlebell or Upper Body Push categories, or do the benchmark of the week, which is “Griff” .


Tuesday starts with tabata abs, followed by a leg-heavy metcon with running or rowing, step-ups, and lunges.

Wednesday starts with some deadlift technique, then a longer chipper type metcon, with shuttle runs or farmer carries, wall balls, and KB Deadlifts.

Thursday starts with rowing technique, then an interval workout with rowing, kb swings, and situps.

Friday starts with some upper body pressing work, followed by a metcon with db snatches, bear crawls, and skipping.

Saturday starts with some upper body pulling work, followed by a fun partner workout with high rep ball slams, core work and lunges.


Tuesday – Rowing, dumbbell snatches, ball slams, & KB swings.

Wednesday – Start with KB Windmills and goblet squats, then some  airbike, push press, air squats.

Thursday – core work, KB swings, airbike or rowing.

Friday– intervals with wall ball shots, ring rows, body builders, squats.

Saturday – ball slams, shoulder raises, lunges, supermans, planks.




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