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CFW Weekly Update for June 16, 2019

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CFW Weekly Update for June 16, 2019


Thanks to everyone who celebrated 10 years and health and fitness with us last week!  Great workout coached by Tara and Karen, and great food to follow.  For those of you who weren’t able to attend, we have thank you gifts for 5 & 10 year members, you can speak with the desk staff to redeem your prizes.

At the party we also set up a “CFW Story Booth”.  Tell us how CrossFit Winnipeg has affected your life and we’ll enter you in a draw for a really sweet prize, worth up to $600! All you have to do is enter your story via video and you’ll be eligible to win. We have a camera set up in Tania’s office at the gym with some prompts to help you tell the story of how you got started at CFW and how far you’ve come. If prefer to record on your own phone and post on your own social media, please tag @crossfitwinnipeg with hashtag #cfw10. Click on the link below for details.

CFW Story Booth Instructions and Prompts



This week we have Push Jerks on Monday,  a deadlift & clean complex on Tuesday, DB/KB Row on Wednesday & Front Squats on Friday as our bigger strength components. We have a few opportunities to Level up this week, including Neuro & Core Endurance (with double unders on Tuesday and core work on Thursday, and Front Squats on Friday. On Sunday you can test either of these as well.

Monday starts with about 20 minutes on Push Jerks — a 5-8 min technique review,  then 12 min to build. Then the workout, “Rushmore” — a two-part  15 min AMRAP: first,  a 1K row, “Lungs & Burn”, and second, a “Muscular Burn” workout consisting of Push Press, Pullups & Airsquats.  Extra credit is upper body mobility.   Goal is into round 25

Tuesday starts with 12 minutes of weightlifting technique review,  and a 10 min build of a complex — consisting of movements in the workout.  The workout is “Vesuvius” — “Breathing & Bracing” in three couplets: Doubleunders plus some weightlifting movement to get the lungs pumping — switching on the 7 min mark.  Finally, extra credit is lower body mobility.   Goal is <12:00 total work time

Wednesday starts with lat & core activation — 20 min to review & do DB/KB rows,  4 sets of 15-20 reps.   Then the workout, “Stormbreaker” — a short, high powered “Deep Body Burn” of DB Thrusters &  Airbike Cals.   Extra credit is high quality therapeutic movements w/ flushing.   Goal is <6:00

Thursday starts with 20 minutes for Technique — Toes to Bar,  Box Jumps & Running.  Then move to “The Railroad” — a “Lungs” workout  with core endurance  — the Toes, Jumps & Runs  we already prepped.   The finisher is 4 rounds of high quality shoulder activation & stability.  Extra credit targets lower body flexibility & abs.   Goal is <11:00

Friday starts with building to high-tension Front Squat reps.   Then “Night’s Watch” — a 15 minute “Lungs & Burn” workout of moderately loaded Front Squats & Burpee Pullups.  Extra credit is flushing, quad SMR, and tricep accessory.   Goal is 8+

Saturday starts with a game, then partner wallball drills.  Move right to “Royale with Cheese” — a long “Muscular Burn” with a 30 min Cap.  The finisher is an accessory 8 minute AMRAP focused on core & grip.  Extra credit is muscular accessory work focused on biceps — to balance out the earlier work.

Sunday is make up day. Make up any workout you missed from the week’s programming or test the Front Squat or Neuro & Core Level Method Category. Benchmark of the week is “Helen”



Monday we start with deadlifts and carries as a skill & then a high breathing interval workout with plate ground to overhead, running, and core work.  

Tuesday workout starts with barbell rows and kb windmills then moves to a hard, fast, high powered (intense) shorter workout that includes lunges, paralette shoot throughs and rowing.  It has the potential to get uncomfortable.    

Wednesday — This is a backsquat day followed by a breathing & stamina work involving KB deadlifts, KB squats and bodybuilders. 

Thursday — We start with stability work in the form of wall sits and planks, followed by a longer muscular burning workout involving pushup variations, box step-ups and light sled pulls.

Friday starts with upper body strength work, followed by a high breathing, fun & interesting workout with a buy-in & penalties. There are some muscular burning elements (stamina) in the 3 round portion, involving airbike, wall balls, skipping and ring rows as a penalty.

Saturday starts with shoulders and glutes, then a partner DB snatch and Ball Slam session with an EMOM bodybuilder requirement.



Monday  Dirty 30, a variation on Filthy 50 that involves a a variety of exercises that will work every part of the body. 

Tuesday – a circuit with step-ups, renegade rows, plank pushups, and glute bridges

Wednesday — We start with some upper body pulling strength work, followed by an AMRAP including Wallballs & Airbike, Sled Pull and Farmer Carry.

Thursday – two shorter AMRAPs, one with dumbbells and the other with kettlebells. 

Friday starts with pivot ring rows and kossack lunges, followed by a dumbbell workout with curls and squats.

Saturday is a point-based partner workout similar to a hit we did last week in CF45 and CF60, with options for running, rowing, tire flips, step-ups and kb swings.  “Skee Ball” is all about playing to your strengths —  sticking to a plan will give a big score. 



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