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CFW Weekly Update for July 7, 2019

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CFW Weekly Update for July 7, 2019


Handstand Workshop July 24th at 6pm with Kirsty Grosart of Garage Gym Girl.

Learning a handstand as an adult can be a hugely rewarding and a lot of fun. But maybe you experience fear or uncertainty at the thought of learning this skill. This is completely normal and something that Kirsty has helped many adults overcome. In this workshop we will focus on getting upside down (and back on your feet) safely, moving away from the wall with confidence and how to find your balance every time you kick up. If you are new to this type of training Kirsty will teach you everything you need to get started. If you are a more experienced hand balancer she will show you how you can build on the basics to achieve more advanced variations.

Click HERE to register.  CFW members get $10 off the regular price!

CFW Summer Schedule

Please see the summer schedule below.  These are seasonal changes to the group class schedule effective Monday, July 8th, to be revised in the fall. We’re committed  to maintaining a high quality experience, and this means adjusting our class schedule on a regular basis to respond to the various changes in attendance throughout the year. These seasonal schedule updates are meant to increase attendance and keep the energy level high in classes, while making each of our group programs as accessible as possible.

Morning Classes will remain as they are currently.

All CF30 classes will be omitted.  The lunchtime CF30 is discontinued for the summer, however, we’ll be adding a CF45 in place of the CF30 in the evenings, as indicated below. CF30 members may attend CF45 until next renewal.

Summer Evening Schedule

Monday to Thursday

4:30pm – CF60

5:30pm – CF45

6:15pm – CF60

7:30pm – CF45


4:30pm – CF60

5:30pm – CF45

6:15pm – CF60


8:00am – CF60

9:00am – CF45

10:00am – CF60

11:00am – CF45


9:00am – CF60

10:00am – CF45 (replacing the CF Olympic Weightlifting class)

TRX 6 weeks sessions will also be added twice a week starting on July 2nd. Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10am.

We also have a shorter bootcamp class starting soon, at noon and 5pm. Free demos happening this week! Sign up sheet for the free demos is at reception!



This week we have Clean & Jerks on Tuesday, Pullups on Thursday and Deadlift on Saturday as our main strength workouts, we have a few fun longer workouts this week too!  All 3 of these days will be opportunities to test Level Method categories, along with Sunday as the make up day

Monday is a Breathe & Burn Chipper–  Workout is a Breathe & Burn Chipper starting with Rowing and moving into Ring Muscleups, Burpees, Box Jumps, Situps, and finishing with a Run.   Extra Credit is Hip and Knee maintenance work   Goal is <25:00

Tuesday  is Clean and Jerks and then a Full Body Burn  workout –   Clean & Jerks begin with progressions for both movements and then 12 minutes to build to a quality single.  Prep is Doubleunder focused.   Workout is Full Body Burn with 30 Clean & Jerks with a jump rope penalty for any break in that set.  Extra Credit is Lower Body mobility.  Goal is <6:00

Wednesday  is   Breathing & Muscle Burning Intervals and a Core Finisher  Workout is Breathing & Muscle Burning Intervals,  with high-output Bike bouts, followed by Air Squats, and high-output Sled, bouts followed by Pushups.   Finisher is Core work — two holds and one new movement in the Pillar Press.  Extra Credit is Bodybuilding accessory Arm work. Goal is 250+ Reps 

Thursday  is Pullups and then a Breathe and Burn AMRAP –   Workout is 18 minutes of Running followed by high-rep Pullups & Front Squats.  Extra Credit is Bodybuilding accessory Glute work.   Goal is 3+ Rounds

Friday  is a Shoulder & Ab Burn Workout and a Core Finisher –    Workout is a Shoulder and Ab Burner with ascending reps of Heavier Push Press and GHD Situps.  Finisher is 3 Rounds of Flutter Kicks & Banded Good Mornings.   Extra Credit is Shoulder, Psoas, and Hip Mobility. Goal is <15:00

Saturday  is Deadlifts and a Partner Workout –   Workout is Partners with Russian KbS, Wallballs, & Kb Tactical Lunges, accumulating reps in any order.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Recovery.  Goal is Finish


Monday we start with rowing intervals, and then a full body HIIT circuit with sledge or mace strikes, skipping, med ball and KB stations.

Tuesday workout starts with ‘Buttcamp” lower body strength work with a focus on glutes including squats, lunges, and hip thrusts, then a metcon with thrusters, running and burpees.

Wednesday — This is primarily a cardio day with a longer super challenging workout with running, skipping, airbike, burpees and much more.

Thursday — A partner legs and cardio workout with squats, box jumps, lunges and running drills.

Friday starts with abs, followed by upper body and cardio with curls, presses and sled work and carries.

Saturday is a circuit with Battle ropes, rowing or airbike, push press, ring rows or jumping pullups, KB swings, and DB snatches. 

Sunday is and upper body EMOM with pullups, bench, curls, skull crushers and rows.  Should be a fun arm pump!




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