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CFW Weekly Update for July 21, 2019

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CFW Weekly Update for July 21, 2019


Handstand Workshop July 24th at 6pm with Kirsty Grosart of Garage Gym Girl.

Learning a handstand as an adult can be a hugely rewarding and a lot of fun. But maybe you experience fear or uncertainty at the thought of learning this skill. This is completely normal and something that Kirsty has helped many adults overcome. In this workshop we will focus on getting upside down (and back on your feet) safely, moving away from the wall with confidence and how to find your balance every time you kick up. If you are new to this type of training Kirsty will teach you everything you need to get started. If you are a more experienced hand balancer she will show you how you can build on the basics to achieve more advanced variations.

Click HERE to register.  CFW members get $10 off the regular price!




Monday is a Breathe & Burn Workout & a Glute Finisher.  Warmup is Pizza Box Game followed by Medball movements & a shuttle run.  Prep is Toes to bar, Doubleunders, & Wallballs.   Workout is a Core & Squat heavy “Chipper” .  Finisher is Glute/Hip specific prehab.  Extra Credit is Lower Body Mobility.   Goal is <25:00

Tuesday is Pullups and a Breathe & Brace Workout.  Warmup is rotating through 30 sec of movements.  Pullups are 5-7 sets of 2 Weighted Pullups in 15 minutes. Prep is Deadlift review and build to workout weight.   Workout is 20 minutes of Heavy Deadlifts & Kipping Pullups finishing with a run, & 1:00 rest after each round.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing with Scap work.  Goal is 7+

Wednesday is Heavy Breathing Intervals and a Core Finisher.  Warmup is Partner based, focused on Rowing and Airbike.  Prep is Thruster and Burpee Review.   Workout is two 10 minute intervals starting with a Row/Bike and followed by AMRAP Thrusters/Burpees.  Finisher is Hollow Rocks and Archbody Hold Tabata.  Extra Credit is Barbell Curls and Diamond Pushups.    Goal is 20+, 30+

Thursday is Clean & Jerks and a Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is a Kettlebell complex followed by Box Jumps to prep for Clean & Jerks. Clean & Jerks are Build to a heavy Single in 15 minutes. Prep is Front Squat and Handstand Pushup review.   Workout is Hang Power Cleans into Front Squats ending with Strict HSPU’s for 5 rounds.   Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing paired with Mobility.     Goal is <8:00

Friday is a Breathe & Burn Workout and a Core Finisher.  Warmup is Ring Rows and Kb Deadlifts to target the Back and then Running specific exercises.  Prep is Kettlebell Snatch Review and Practice.   Workout is Kettlebell Snatches directly into OH Back Step Lunges on one side, then a 200m run before hitting the Kettlebell movements on the other side for 4 rounds.  Finisher is Weighted Planks with an AMRAP Plank for 3 rounds.  Extra Credit is Shoulder Prehab.           Goal is <20:00

Saturday is Push Press’ and a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is a Partner Medball. Push Press is Building to a heavy Single.  Prep is Deadlift and Box Jump Review.   Workout is an Open Workout from 2013 with STOH, Deadlifts, and Box Jumps for 10 minutes.  Extra Credit is Upper Body Mobility.

Sunday is a make up day.  Make up a workout you missed or test one of the following Level Method Categories: Upper Body Pull, Running, Weightlifting. Or do the benchmark fo the week: Open 13.1.


Monday we start with a partner workout including wallball tosses (juggling), partner ab throwdowns, burpees, and H2H KB Swings. Then a glute finisher with fire hydrants, single leg kick backs & single leg hip thrusts.

Tuesday’s workout includes thrusters, wallballs, jumping pullups & running.

Wednesday — More glute bridges with a barbell this time, shoulder press, pull ups & your choice of running/rowing/biking.

Thursday — Part A includes running & rowing for max elevation. Part B is a core workout with situps, single side bicycles, Russian twists & suitcase carries.

Friday –  “Bro-camp” with alternating push & pull movements. Bicep curls, ring rows, bench rows, shoulder press, floor press, WTD pushups & sled pull between each set.

Saturday is a circuit with yoke carry, shuttle Runs, D-ball over shoulder, sledge hammers, box Jump, pull ups, push ups, goblet squats, med ball juggling, GHD sit ups & KB Swings.

Sunday – Part A is back squats. Then an AMRAP with skipping, KB swings, pushups & a Tabata with glutes movements.




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