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CFW Weekly Update for July 15, 2018

Summer 2018 Schedule Update

Here are some adjustments to the summer schedule, starting in July.

  • Tuesday and Thursday Strength Club will now start at 6pm.
  • The 8pm class Thursday to Friday will become a 45 minute class.
  • Mommy & Me Class will meet twice per week on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • 55+ Class will meet twice per week on Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Thursday evening Agatsu Class will be a CrossFit class for the rest of July


Second week of Level Method testing coming up!  Try to avoid repeats and come to days that allow you to test something you haven’t already, however there is alternate workouts/strength work included throughout the week!  Also feel free to re-test anything you feel you could have done better on.

Monday: test front squat/deadlift and Aerobic Power Intervals (Fight Gone Mad)

Tuesday: test upper body push/pull and rowing

Wednesday: test rings/squat endurance and running

Thursday: test rings/squat endurance and KB test

Friday: test weightlifting and Fran/Diane

Saturday: test flexibility and rowing

Sunday: test KB or squat endurance and Neurological/Core Endurance (Annie) or running

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CrossFit for week of July 15

Mommy Me July 3 to Aug 2

55 Plus July 2 to July 25

Agatsu July 7 to 21


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