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CFW Weekly Update for February 24, 2018


What a great start to the 2019 CrossFit Games Open. BIG THANKS to everyone who came out Friday night to tackle 19.1! So many new faces which is incredible. Hopefully the butterflies have passed a bit!

And also a huge thanks to everyone who came to cheer people on, judge, scream at people to go faster (SO IMPORTANT) and set up / clean up.

If you watched the online open announcements on Thursday, you probably noticed a more grassroots approach. We’re going in that same direction this year – back to what makes the Open so much fun: COMMUNITY.

Awesome people doing awesome things. Bonding through the shared experience of CrossFit. Pushing to the edge of your comfort zone to see what you’re capable of.

We had one or two people ask about internal leaderboards / AM vs. PM etc from last year. Those were fun experiments and we’re glad we tried them out, but this year we’re going back to basics. No team intramural. No fluff. Just an awesome time at the gym. Exactly what we had last night.

That being said, if you want to get on A leaderboard, get on THE leaderboard and register at https://games.crossfit.com/.

You have until Monday – what have you got to lose?!


Please note that for March, the Saturday 8am CF60 class will be moved to 1pm.  The 8am tends to be a little slow, especially during the winter, and we’ve had multiple requests for afternoon classes on the weekend so we hope that this will allow more of our members to train on weekends.

February 23rd is also the start date for our new Bells, Clubs and Maces class.  This program is separate from our CF program and has a very different feel, more about movement and flow and less about intensity and energy systems. However, we were able to set up a special discounted rate for CFW members only, you can do the full 6 weeks or a drop-in.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for someone to help you look after your aches and pains and dings, Josée from Deezar Physiotherapy starts running Saturday clinic hours next Saturday, February 16th.  More about that HERE and book online HERE.


This is week 2 of the OPEN, and you’ll notice Thursday is a more cyclic, aerobic style workout to account for following day tester. Three  strength days, but likely only 2 will be done (M and T – Clean Variation and Pullup) because of the OPEN schedule on Friday. But there are Deadlifts on Fri.  We start Monday with the Classic Girl WOD Elizabeth – which can move into aerobic, or even lactic power for those of you with very high stamina capacity. Tuesday we have more on the aerobic power side, with weighted pull-up preceding.  Friday is a pretty brutal Lower Body dominant lactic power workout, but some of you will get to skip it if you are doing the Open on Friday night.  Saturday we brought back a Partner workout after not having them for a few weeks. Synchronized to boot which is always fun. You can expect high breathing and some good muscle burn.

This week, you’ll see a few opportunities to work on your Levels, and perhaps level up, including Tuesday’s pullups and Friday’s Deadlift

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CF60 Feb 24 to Mar 3

CF30 Feb 25 to Mar 2

CF 45 Feb 24 to Mar 2

Mommy Me Feb 19 to Mar 7

55 Plus Feb 11 to Mar 1

CF Weightlifting Feb 10 to Mar 31


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