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CFW Weekly Update for February 10, 2018


Shout out to the CFW “Le Classique” Boot Hockey Team!  The CFW team took home the Gold in the Novice Division! Congrats Coach Tara and husband Kyle, Natalie, my brother Charles and all the other volunteers who came out to rep CFW for such a great cause.

We’ll be hosting one of our famous Holiday Team Workouts on Monday, February 18th at 2pm for Louis Riel Day, other classes are cancelled on that day. This team workout is open to all members of CFW, and open to friends and family as well, just let the staff at reception know if you want to bring someone!

Please note that starting on February 23rd, the 8am CF60 class will be moved to 1pm.  The 8am tends to be a little slow, especially during the winter, and we’ve had multiple requests for afternoon classes on the weekend so we hope that this will allow more of our members to train on weekends.

February 23rd is also the start date for our new Bells, Clubs and Maces class.  This program is separate from our CF program and has a very different feel, more about movement and flow and less about intensity and energy systems. However, we were able to set up a special discounted rate for CFW members only.  Click HERE to find out more and register.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for someone to help you look after your aches and pains and dings, Josée from Deezar Physiotherapy starts running Saturday clinic hours next Saturday, February 16th.  More about that HERE and book online HERE.


For our CF60 program, last week had more Stamina, whereas this week has more Aerobic Power of various kinds. Overall, less stamina specific this week, but shoulders are emphasized on Monday and Friday and are also coupled with an ‘electricity’ Squat variation.

Monday we have Stamina emphasizing Squat and Shoulders, Tuesday is Aerobic Power on the electrical side, or heavier contraction when fatigued, focused on Pulls and Hinges. Wednesday is a Lactic Tolerance effort balancing global push/pull. Thursday we go more global again with hinge/pull and Friday is Aerobic Power w shoulder stamina emphasis.  And finally Filthy 50 will be a blend of Aerobic power as well.

Movements are balanced and tracked over the course of the week and longer term, so there is a method to the madness!  

This week, you’ll see a few opportunities to work on your Levels, and perhaps level up, including Front Squats on Monday, Weightlifting Tuesday, and Rings on Wednesdays. If you feel good and want to try out the next level, just ask the coach  and we’ll be happy to help!

I’ve had lots of questions from members wondering how to track their Levels using the Level Method.

(1) First, make sure that you actually have an account and know where to log your levels.  Here is the link: https://crossfitwinnipeg.levelmethod.com/

(2) Second, keep an eye on the workouts for the week, so that you know what opportunities you will have to work on specific categories and possibly test specific categories.  In this weekly update, I generally indicate which days are real testing days and also which days might present an opportunity to Level Up even though it’s not a day dedicated to testing. For this week, we’ll be doing squats on Monday, weightlifting on Tuesday, and Rings on Wednesday.  Plus, Sunday you can make up any of those days.

(3) If you want to track your progress, know where you are at in the daily workouts. If you’re not sure how close you are to levelling up, simply go look at the MAP to see what your next progression will be. From there use your levels to customize workouts and help you progress. Keep in mind that Fitness is roughly equivalent to Orange, Health is White & Yellow, and Performance is Blue+.

(4) Log results when you level up. Write it on the Level Up board along with the Coach’s name, and then enter results on the Level Method Site. We generally validate levels at the end of the week so it might take a few days for your levels to get updated.

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts.

CF30 Feb 11 to 17

CF45 Feb 11 to 17

CF60 Feb 11 to 17

55 Plus Feb 11 to Mar 1

Mommy Me Jan 29 to Feb 14

CF Weightlifting Feb 10 to Mar 31


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