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CFW Weekly Update for December 8, 2019

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CFW Weekly Update for December 8, 2019


Reminder that our Holiday Party is coming up this, Friday December 13th, hope to see you there!



​This week we have  Strict Press on Wednesday, Pendlay Rows on Friday, and Front Squats on Saturday

Monday we have a Long Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is a Relay Race then Weightlifting Prep.  Prep is Clean Progressions & Movement Review.   Workout is 8 Rounds of Power Cleans, Lunges, & Doubleunders with a 1:00 Rest after Each Round.  Extra Credit is Lower Body Mobility. Goal: <25:00.

Tuesday is a Muscular Burn & Heavy Breathing Workout and Lower Body Accessory.  Warmup is General Movement Prep.  Prep is Movement Review & Demo.   Workout is 1:00 Intervals of Strict Pullups, Rowing, Situps, & Airbike with 30s Rest in between for 4 Rounds.  Finisher is Lower Body Accessory.  Extra Credit is Tricep & Scap Accessory.  Goal: 260+ Reps.

Wednesday it’s Strict Press and a Muscular Burn WorkoutWarmup is Hot Potato & Banded Oh Distraction.  Strict Press is Building to a Heavy SinglePrep is Movement Review & Demo.   Workout is 50 Reps of TGU, Pistols, & Strict HSPU Accumulated in Any Way.  Extra Credit is Stretching.  \Goal: <15:00.

Thursday will be a Full Body Burn Workout and a Core Finisher.  Warmup is Posterior Chain Focused.  Prep is Deadlift Review then Building Weight.   Workout is Descending Reps of Deadlifts & Box Jumps.  Finisher is Core Accessory.  Extra Credit is Flushing & Mobility.                 

Friday is Pendlay Row and a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Dynamic Mobility.  Pendlay Row is Build to a Heavy 5 Reps.  Prep is Movement Review & Demo.   Workout is 20 minutes of BMU, Burpees, Kb Snatch, & Wallballs.  Extra Credit is Flushing with Mobility.                 

Saturday is Front Squats and a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Front Squat Specific.  Front Squat is Build to a Heavy 2 Squat Cleans.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is 4 Rounds of Squat Cleans & Pushups with a 400m Run after each Round.  Extra Credit is Upper Body Pull Accessory.


Monday –  Lower body /Strength; back squat, walking single leg ground touch, lunge, side squat and pivot, box step ups, row

Tuesday –  Partner workout; run/row, bench press, single arm ring row, relay sprint

Wednesday –  Accessory / Strength; Russian twists, yoga push-ups, ninja knee raises, pullup negatives, plate zercher carry, farmer carry

Thursday – Full body / Cardio; wall balls, plate ground to overhead, single arm DB thruster, Db snatch, skipping, bicycles, flutter kicks, situps

Friday –  HIIT / Full Body; agility ladders, ab rollouts, battles ropes, burpees, mountain climbers, sledge hammers, mountain climbers, burpee box jumps, row/bike, weighted wall sits, plate hops, plate ground to overhead, leg lifts

Saturday – row, wall balls, pullups, situps, DB snatch, DB bicep curls, DB shoulder press





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