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CFW Weekly Update for April 20th, 2014

New this week:

* Congrats to Taylor and Nicholas, who competed in Prairie CrossFit’s fundraiser competition and placed first and second in their division. Sorry I couldn’t make it out, but looks like it was a great time.  Send over some photos and we’ll put them on our site.

* Please call the gym or speak to someone at reception to book your appointment with Bryan Cobb, Massage Therapist and Trigger Point Specialist on Saturdays at the gym.  Rates are $75 per hour and we take cash, credit card or we can put this on your account if you have given us a void check. Receipts can be given out for your insurance company but  no direct billing.

* We’ve made it through our first week of the Spring Leaning Nutrition and Lifestyle Challenge. Our first Q&A and support group will be on Friday, April

Programming Preview for this week

This week we move to a new phase in the programming with more barbell work and more traditional CrossFittty stuff.

We’re also programming some extra skill work for Performance athletes, which you can do before or after class as long as it does not disrupt the class and that you have been cleared to do the extra work.  Performance athletes please make sure that you get in at least 2 rest days during the week and book any maintenance appointments as needed. We realize that everyone has a different schedule so you can choose your rest days but keep in mind that Saturday and Tuesday tend to be big days so good rest day combos might include Monday & Friday, Thursday & Sunday, or Wednesday & Sunday.

Please note that Performance workouts are geared toward athletes who want to compete in the sport of CrossFit at the Rx level, and if your goal is to be fit and healthy, we recommend the Fitness workouts.  All members are welcome to try the Performance workouts, as long as you can do the entire workout as prescribed, including the supplemental skill and mobility work.  Please also note that you’ll be working similar energy system and muscle groups regardless of the programming stream you choose so you can certainly pick which version of the workout you want to do from day to day. Keep in mind that the coaches will be instructing the Fitness workout so you are expected to know your movements if you intend to do the Performance WODs.

Monday: Mostly Lower Body, deadlift focus

Tuesday: Mostly Upper body, vertical pushing & pulling, press focus

Wednesday: Conditioning  & core work

Thursday: Mostly Lower Body, squat focus

Friday: Mostly Upper Body, horizontal pushing & pulling, gymnastics focus

Saturday: Mostly Lower Body, squat work & power focus (Coach’s Quinn’s Birthday WOD!)

Sunday: Skills, Make-Up or Benchmark

Spoiler Alert: Click HERE to see the details of this week’s programming.


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