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CFW Weekly Update for April 14, 2018

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Please welcome 3 new personal trainers to the CFW team: Dave, Klein, and Jared, who dropped everything to spend the last 3 days with Louise, Ren, Ben and myself getting to know the CFW community.

Spring Leaning Starts Soon. Details to be announced this week.


Easter Weekend Hours

  • Good Friday – Morning Classes Only
  • Saturday – Regular Hours
  • Easter Sunday – Closed

In other news, if you’re looking for someone to help you look after your aches and pains and dings, Josée from Deezar Physiotherapy is running Saturday clinic hours here at the gym.  More about that HERE and book online HERE.


CF60 this week

This week we have 2 of our Progressions: Front Squat WEEK 2 on Mon, and Press WEEK 3 on Sat.  Tue will include a Weightlifting session for the Snatch; Wed has a bodybuilding style finisher and Thurs is a full body Functional Bodybuilding day.  

Monday starts with WEEK 2 Progression of Front Squats and leads into a Stamina that includes shoulder, leg & core endurance. The goal is to manage muscular fatigue. The HR will spike on the step-ups. The ring rows will add up quick but keep them high quality, and the sit-ups will let back & legs rest —  but 20 sit-ups/ set means a high total.  Goal is 4+ Rounds.

Tuesday starts with a Snatch complex on the 90 sec mark for 6 sets. Lower LEVELS have less complicated versions, but if someone is competent and you want them to try, use your discretion. Next, an interesting multi-part Aerobic Power on the Stamina side, including barbell- and gymnastic-work.  Goal is Sub 7:00.

Wednesday starts with a descending ladder of KB Swings & Wallballs.    Simple.  It is aerobic power, but does have stamina elements IF not focused on relaxing as much as possible.  Do this Workout with a specific focus on relaxing the shoulders.   FINALLY we have a quick bodybuilding (accessory) finisher: Banded Wood Chops & Reverse Curls.   Goal is Sub 12:00-14:00.

Thursday is our Functional Bodybuilding Day containing our pull-up work, and then a Core, Upper Body Pushing, & Lower Body Pulling. This session is all about movement quality and focusing on perfect reps. Rotate through on 90 sec, starting members wherever needed — planning re necessary time to get set up properly.   Goal is QUALITY.

Friday is an interval day consisting of 5 sets of task-based intervals.  Restart every 5 minutes —  do all the movements, and rest out the remaining time. If the work takes 3 minutes, there’s 2 minutes rest.   This is Vp(v)Aerobic power on the breathing (ventilation) side.  The focus is a consistently high breathing and heart-rate.  Goal is Sub 15:00 (total working time).

Saturday is our third Press progression, followed by a Stamina workout focused on chest (ring dips, push-ups) and abs (toes to bar, hollow rocks).  Managing muscular fatigue is the game, so do NOT push too deep into the sets.   Goal is Sub 15:00.

Please note that we’ll now be displaying the workouts on a TV display at the gym! So we’ll post only the summary here.




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