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CFW Weekly Update for December 17th, 2017


The countdown to FrostFit 2018 begins. We are always on the lookout for sponsors and volunteers, so if you’re interested in helping out please email info@crossfitwinnipeg.com. It’s a great way to get close to the action and get to know the awesome members of our community. This year we’ll be organizing volunteers in half day shifts Friday PM, Sat AM, Sat PM, Sun AM, Sun PM, and Monday cleanup!  So even if you can only commit to a morning or an afternoon we’d love to have yo on board.

In other news the Fuel for Fall Challenge is winding down. My apologies to all the challengers for not programming the final Benchmark workout for the challenge this weekend.  With all the plans for the holidays and FrostFit I completely forgot to post the Benchmark workout.  For those of you you still need to complete the workout, please ask the Coach on duty and you can do this during class this week.

Please make sure that you do the same clean variation as you did at the beginning of the challenge and set up your Part B in the same manner, including the sled loading.

A) 1rm clean
B) Then…
2mins at each station, 1 min rest between each
Cleans/Med ball cleans
Row for cals


Dec 23 – Gymnastics, Kettlebell & Mobility Cancelled

Dec 24 – Regular Hours

Dec 25 – Closed

Dec 26 – Team workout at 2PM

Dec 31 – Regular Hours

Jan 1 – Team Workout


This week we have a new movement on Monday, the Zercher box squat. Tuesday and Thursday will be longer GPP pieces with a finisher or a skill component, whereas Wednesday and Friday we continue our progressions from last week. Saturday is our Christmas benchmark workout and Sunday is a make-up or GPP day.

Monday: Testing – Lower Body Max Effort Strength + Conditioning Benchmark

Tuesday: Practice  – Skill Work + Full Body GPP

Wednesday: Training – Dynamic Effort Upper Body  + BB Complex for conditioning

Thursday: Training – Full Body GPP + Finisher

Friday: Training – Dynamic Effort Lower Body + Conditioning

Saturday: Longer Benchmark Workout – 12 Days of CrossFit

Sunday: Make up a workout you missed or do the Sunday Strength & Conditioning WOD.

Spoiler Alert!  Click on the links below to see the details of this week’s group workouts

CrossFit for week of Dec 18, 2017

Strength Club for Dec 4 to Jan 14, 2017

Kettlebell Dec 18 to 30, 2017



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