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CFW Tagline & Slogan Contest

FrostFit Games 2011

Want to win some CFW gear?

We are revamping our website and ordering some new t-shirts and tank tops.  That means we are on the lookout for new slogans and/or a tagline to represent our brand.

Taglines:  This is the kind of thing that will show up on our website , business cards and pamphlets.  Something short that represents what we stand for. It is associated with our club and generally stays with us wherever we go.  Examples: CrossFit.com “Forging Elite Fitness”, Nike “Just Do It”,

Slogans: A slogan is a bit different. The word slogan comes from a Scottish word meaning “battle cry.” Your slogan goes with the battle we are waging right now. Slogans could appear on our apparel or be associated with events we host.  Example: FrostFit Games “The Cold Won’t Numb the Pain”.


Please post submissions to comments and if we use your idea, you’ll win some CFW goodies.



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