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Canning in the Pantry

Hey Folks,

Thursday. Almost done the week. 

Canning, preserving and fermenting. Did you get all that?  How about pantry, root seller and larder? Ok. Now that we have some basic understanding out of the way lets get back to prolonging the shelf life of healthy foods now that we know which shelves to put them on. Check out this very energy friendly way to keep your food cool. I want one. 

Wait, why do we need all this food storage space? Our winters are long and in the event of a supply cut off for what ever reason, do you really want to eat carbage until the food supply is functioning properly? Or would you rather have old school healthy food security? I pick old school healthy food security. I wish I paid more attention to when my elders use to can. Here are some great canning resources I came across in my learnings.

The Basics 

Lacto Fermentation.

Pintrest pickled paleo

Please post more resources to the comments. Tomorrow we are onto the compost. 

Coach Gary,


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