Agatsu Advanced Barbell Certification

The Agatsu Advanced Barbell Certification is a unique program designed to introduce coaches and personal trainers to the the essentials of barbell training. Moreover the course is ideal for anyone looking to improve their technical understanding of these exercises. From beginner to advanced this course is for you. More than just a Personal Training Certification, this program will teach you how to learn, teach, and breakdown basic and advanced barbell techniques.

Certification seminars are intense and very physical. Each weekend course is aprox 12hrs and covers: Basic and advanced barbell exercises, Deadlift, Back Squat, Bench Press, Snatch, Clean & Jerk. This is NOT a pay for certification, you must earn your diploma. Be prepared for an intense physical and educational challenge. Any instructor who is Agatsu certified may attend any future workshop for their level free of charge to upgrade their skills. Anyone who does not pass an Agatsu certification course may within one year attempt the same course free of charge.

Here is some info and a video on Willie, who is the power lifting expert for the cert.   Pierre Auge from CrossFit Ottawa is also instructing and I his specialty is the oly lifting.

This is who we’ll be training with! Here is some info from Pierre on Willie’s performance at worlds:

Willie Albert won a silver at the Raw World Powerlifting Championships today. (2 Oct 2009) He made all of his attempts (even his benches, Willie’s least favorite lift), topping out with a 252.5kg (556.6lbs) Back Squat, a 160kg (352.75lbs) Bench Press and finishing with a massive 325kg (716.5lbs) Deadlift, for a 737.5kg (1626lbs) total in the 82.5kg bodyweight class. (weighing in light at 81.75kg right after getting off the plane and having breakfast) The Russian athlete who came in first totaled 752.5kg including an incredible 210kg (467lbs) Bench Press. Remember this was the RAW World’s, only a belt allowed, no suit, no knee wraps in fact the knees had to be bare. Willie incredibly out dead lifted all of the 90kg lifters (the weight class above) in the competition. For someone who started lifting as a skinny kid 14 years ago he’s become one of the premiere raw powerlifters in the world through tons of hard work and consistency.

COST: Early Bird $400 + tax  Regular $550 + tax.

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