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A Leisurely Sunday Read?

Correction; “Chapter 4 states that the belief of University of Manitoba Scientists” After reviewing End Notes From Chapter 4 I realized I made a mistake, it does not indicate U of M Scientists. This article’s information is based on papers from University of Chicago, other sources and James T. Teller, Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature, Winnipeg. Those references can be found in Lake Agassiz, by Bill Redekop, chapter 4 page 51 ENDNOTES.

Hey everyone,

The last week folks. I don’t want the challenge to end. It doesn’t have to! Here is the challenge beyond the challenge I offer to you. Go out get a group of people together from your out of CrossFit Winnipeg Social circles. Take this challenge as it has been designed and lead people into health. Create a Facebook group, post daily from the CFW spring leaning posts. We have years worth of posts to choose from including many challenges and different themes. Pass this information on. At some point in your challenge take your group on a field trip to CrossFit Winnipeg to meet your CFW friends. We would love to have them. That is the challenge once the measurements are in the bench marks are taken and the score cards are handed in. 

We challenge you to graduate from Healthy Living Participant to Healthy Living Ambassador. Are you up for it?

This week I want to talk on the environment and what the “paleo perspective” has taught me about it. I am not an expert by any means but I have read enough and found folks who get results and can explain their work logically. That I believe is my talent in all this. The ability to find the information that works through all the confusion. The stuff positive predictable real time real life results are made of. 

Lets start this weeks discussion off with Climate change. Ah, such a nebulous and politically charged topic for a leisurely Sunday read.

My opinions on this topic may be a bit controversial but I end in the same spot as most environmentalists anyway. My reasoning just gets there over much different terrain. So please bear with me here.  

In case anyone has not noticed yet, I am a bit of a book worm. I continuously tear through books on soil, how to build soil, The history of soil, the history of soil related to agriculture and carbon farming. We are going to get to those but first I want to explain my opinion on climate change and how it was informed. Tomorrow I will go through how I think soil is the solution to all our environmental problems and I will offer real life proof to support my opinions. As always though, inform your own opinions. 

I picked up this local book at the St. Boniface museum called Lake Agassiz by Bill Redekop. Prior to reading it I whole heartedly believed that climate change was man made. I thought the release of green house gas particulates into the atmosphere which reflect the suns heat back down on us thus the warming the earth and our weather patterns are changing was in some small way my fault. Back to the Lake Agassiz book. Chapter 4 states that the belief of University of Manitoba Scientists is that the earth has experienced 5 major ice ages over the last 2.6 billion years. Over that time in earth’s history the ice ages have accounted for 15%. Where as the earth has been warm and ice free for 85% of the 2.6 billion years indicated in the book. The longest ice age was 300 million years and the shortest was 40 million years. Currently we are 2.6 million years into the 5th ice age. I will say that again. We are 2.6 million years into the current ice age. We may have an other 37.4 million years to go. We are in what is called an interglacial period or a warming leg of our ice age. We have continental ice sheets in the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica. Because of that we are in an ice age even if we don’t think of it as such. 

Here is where I have been thrown for a loop. Is the earth naturally warming in this inter glacial period and would be doing so regardless of human activity? Or are we prolonging this interglacial leg? Could we even be cutting the current ice age short? I am going with the first one as there have been massive methane releases and volcanoes and forest fires on huge and small scale through earths history GHG’s have come and gone but the history of the earth shows the climate changes like the Katy Perry song sometimes quick and sometimes gradual.  

Our climate is changing, there is no denying that. I think the main difference is the current state of earths soil. We will talk about it tomorrow. 

Here is a hint as to why this is relevant to our spring leaning challenge.  

The ecosystems of healthy soil and the ecosystems of a healthy gut (a healthy you) have allot in common. 


Coach Gary



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