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4 Tips for Brand New CrossFitters (Plus a bonus Cheat Sheet)

This blog post started as a guide for new members, but each point is equally applicable to all you experienced CrossFitters out there. Whether you’re working the training bar or stringing together muscle-ups, here are four things you need to remember:

1) Follow the Basic Rules of Etiquette
Show up at least 5 minutes early for class and check in with the coach on duty if you are new. Leave your ego at the door and keep the chalk in the bucket. Clean up all equipment AFTER the last person in your class finishes the workout. Try your best, cheer people on and have fun! We don’t take ourselves too seriously and neither should you.

2) Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help
There are always new movements showing up in workouts, so you will not be alone in being confused some days. That’s why we have coaches! If you don’t understand the workout, ask for help. If you aren’t confident with the movement, ask for some extra eyes as you lift. And if you have any issues signing in for class or logging levels, call/text us at (204) 414-9348 or email info@crossfitwinnipeg.com. We’re here to help.

3) Trust Your Coach to Scale Appropriately
Proper scaling is the key to CrossFit. As you’ll quickly realize, very few people can or should do each day’s workout as written on the board. Even fewer people are able to do our performance/advanced version. Trust the coach on duty to scale the weights, reps and even movements to give you the best, safest workout possible.

4) Your Best Effort is All We Ask For
We aren’t looking for perfection. We aren’t even looking for greatness. Not at the start, anyway. All we’re looking for is effort. Don’t worry about what the person next to you is doing or your time on the whiteboard. Just focus on showing up, trying hard and being coachable. Listen to our advice, try to implement it the best you can, and be confident that your best effort is enough.


Our Three Programming Tracks:

  1. Fitness – This is our core CrossFit program, followed by most of our members. 9/10 days this will be your workout. As the name implies, these workouts are designed to promote and enhance your general physical fitness.
  2. Strength/Health – As the name implies, these workouts are designed to increase strength and enhance health. These workouts are generally lower impact than Fitness workouts and do not contain timed or competitive components. As such, they are often more appropriate for members recovering from illness or injury while maintaining fitness.
  3. Performance – These workouts include a greater degree of intensity and complexity and are designed for our advanced members. You’ll be exposed to heavier weights and advanced gymnastics movements to challenge even the most seasoned athlete.

Workout Lingo Cheat Sheet

Rx: You will see this on the whiteboard beside athletes’ scores. This means ‘As prescribed’, meaning that the workout is completed without any modifications to the movements, reps or loads.

RX+: The plus sign means the score is for the Performance version of the workout.

AMRAP: This stands for ‘As many rounds (and reps) as possible’ within a given time frame.

# Rounds for Time: A “for time” workout will give you a set number of rounds and reps to complete as fast (and well) as possible.

EMOM: Stands for Every Minute on the Minute. You will have a 60 second window to complete a set amount of reps before the clock beeps and a new minute window begins. If you finish the work before the 60 seconds, you get to rest until the clock beeps again.

Tabata: Tabata is an interval setup where you work for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds. Generally performed for 8 rounds.

4 x 6: The first number (4 in this case) is the number of sets and the second number (6 in this case) is the number of reps per set. In this example you will be completing 4 total sets of 6 reps. This does not include warm-up sets. Depending on the goal of the day, you may be doing all 4 sets at the same weight or adding weight each set. The coach will let you know.

Unbroken: Complete the set without any breaks. For example, 10 unbroken pull ups would be 10 in a row without coming off the bar to rest. It is better to rest prior to beginning the set in order to ensure the set is continuous than to stop midway through the set.

Tempo 30X1: This refers to the tempo in with the lift is completed. The first number always refers to the length of time it should take to lower the weight. The second number refers to how much pause there is at the bottom. The third number is the speed at which the weight is lifted. If an X appears as the third digit, the athlete should attempt to explode up, or lift very quickly. The last number refers to the pause at the top (between reps).  

% Percentages: When used in weight training, we are referring to a percentage of your 1 rep max. For example, if the maximum you can strict press for one rep is 150 pounds, and the recommended rep scheme is 10 reps @ 80%, you will do the set of ten at 75 pounds (50% of 150).


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