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The Beauty of a Blank Slate

Don’t believe the myth that you need to get in shape before getting in shape. As in: “I need to lose ten pounds before starting CrossFit.” Or “I need to build a base before jumping in.”

If you could do it on your own before starting CrossFit, you wouldn’t need us. And if we can’t get you results right now, without you “getting in shape first”, then we don’t deserve your business.

Don’t believe the myth and don’t allow yourself the excuse. Instead, think of yourself as a blank slate. You’re ready to be molded.

The truth is this: we LOVE a blank slate. A blank slate is a beautiful thing.

We are coaches. Our passion lies in teaching proper, safe movement patterns. We can teach you to move with strength and grace. We can teach you to move and lift with confidence. We’d rather you walk into our gym knowing absolutely nothing at all, than to walk in knowing everything… but it’s the wrong everything.

Never touched a kettlebell or rower? No problem. Worried that the workouts will be too hard? No prob, either. That’s what we’re here for.

You are more than ready to start. You don’t lack experience, you’re a blank slate.

All you have to do is own it and get going.


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