CFW Weekly Update for December 1, 2019


Reminder: Our Member Holiday Party is next Friday, December 13th! Hope to see everyone there!

Holiday Hours:

Dec 24th – Morning Classes only

Dec 25th – Closed

Dec 26th – Community Team Workout

Dec 31st – Morning Classes Only

Jan 1st – Community Team Workout



​This week we have Overhead Squats on Monday, Pullups on Wednesday, and Inversion on Saturday.

Monday we have Overhead Squats and a Heavy Breathing Workout.  Warmup is Overhead Squat Prep.  Overhead Squats is Building to a Heavy Snatch Balance + Overhead Squats.  Prep is Movement Review & Doubleunder Practice.   Workout is a Chipper with Rowing, Doubleunders, & Burpee Box Jumps.  Extra Credit is Glute & Core Accessory. Goal: <10:00.

Tuesday is a Power Output Workout.  Warmup is Barbell movements with Shuttle Run in between.  Prep is Thruster & Power Clean Review.   Workout is Sets of Thrusters into Sets of Power Cleans into sets of 12s Airbike for Weight & Watts.  Extra Credit is Flushing with Mobility.                 

Wednesday it’s Pullups and a Muscular Burn Workout.  Warmup is Scap & Squat Prep.  Pullups are Building to a Heavy 2 Reps.  Prep is Kipping Pullup Review & Practice.   Workout is Cindy.  Extra Credit is Flushing with Stretching.Goal: 12+ Rounds.

Thursday will be a Heavy Breathing Workout and a Core Finisher.  Warmup is Dowel Duel & RunPrep is Russian KbS Review.   Workout is Descending sets of Running (distance) & Russian KbS.  Finisher is Transverse & Sagittal Core Work.  Extra Credit is Core (back core) Accessory with Stretching.  Goal: <15:00.

Friday is a Long Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Mixed Movements with Monostructural Bouts in between.  Prep is Toes to Bar Review & Practice.   Workout is 3 Separate Pieces the First Two with 3 Rounds each & the Final Piece being a Weighted Carry.  Extra Credit is Stretching & Bicep Accessory Work.   Goal: <30:00.

Saturday is Inversion Work and a Partner Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Partner Medball Movements.  Inversion is Accumulating Sets of Freestanding HSPU + a Hold.  Prep is Deadlift & HS Walk Review.   Workout is 10 Rounds of Deadlifts & HS Walks alternating with a Partner.  Extra Credit is Lower Body Accessory Work.Goal: <20:00.


Monday –  Full body; Rowing, KB swings, Pullups, Push press wall balls

Tuesday –  Butt Camp; Tempo Glute bridge, Hips thrust, Pistol step downs, Situps, alternating V-ups

Wednesday –  Cardio; Row/Bike, Wall balls, Jumping pullups, Thrusters

Thursday – Upper Body; Drop set bench press, BB bent over row, Bear crawl

Friday –  HIIT / Full Body; 1 mile partner row/bike, pullups, pushups, squats, burpees

Saturday – Squats, Rowing/bike/skipping, Russian twist, Lateral hurdle hops, Wall walks, Ab mat situps, Pushups, Ring rows, Candle sticks, Tire flips, rope stand ups

Sunday – Cardio & Core – Skipping, Bike, Planks, Deadbugs, Sled Pulls, Side Step- overs