CFW Weekly Update for November 17, 2019


Manitoba Provincial Weightlifting Championship hosted by Dakota Weightlifting Club at North Star Fitness Saturday November 23 – CrossFit and Bootcamp classes in the back!



This week we have Floor Press on Monday, Low-bar Back Squats on Wednesday, Pullups on Thursday, and Hang Power Cleans on Saturday.

Monday we have Floor Press and a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Crawling & Shuttle Runs with Dynamic mobility in between.  Floor Press is Building Set of 8 Supersetted with Ring Rows.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is Unbroken Sets of Wallballs & Doubleunders with a Ring Pushup Penalty for any Broken Sets.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing with Mixed Mobility.   Goal: <16:00.

Tuesday is a Long Heavy Breathing Workout.  Warmup is Mixed Movements & Flexibility in Groups.  Prep is a Running Specific Warmup & Movement Review.   Workout is a 1k Row Buyin Followed by 3 Rounds of Running & Burpee Box Jumps.  Extra Credit is Scap Prehab Work.Goal: Finish.

Wednesday it’s Low-bar Back Squats and a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Core & Leg Prep for Back Squats.  Low-bar Back Squats are Building to a Heavy set of 5 to a Box.  Prep is Movement Review Focused on Kettlebell Swings.   Workout is One-arm Kb Swings & Kb Lunges with TtB in between Sides.  Extra Credit is Flexibility Work.  Goal: 8+ Rounds.

 Thursday will be Pullups and a Muscular Burn Workout.  Warmup is Hot Potato with Mixed Movements in Remaining Time.  Pullups is Building Sets of 3 with L-sits in the Rest.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is Tabatas of WtD Planks, Air Squats, Arch Body Holds, & Jumping CtB Pullups.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing & Lat Mobility. Goal: 400+ Reps/Sec.

Friday is Handstand Work and a Burn & Brace → Muscular Burn Workout.  Warmup is Shoulder Stability Work & Posterior Chain Prep with Airbike in Between.  Handstand Work is Building to a Max Freestanding Handstand.  Prep is Review Deadlift & Build to Workout Weight.   Workout is Heavy Deadlifts, an Airbike Spint, and AMRAP Ring Dips for 5 sets with 2:00 Rest in Between.  Extra Credit is Hip & Shoulder Prehab.    Goal: <20:00, 50+ Reps, Weight Varies.

Saturday is Hang Power Cleans and a Full Body Burn Workout.  Warmup is A Jog then Junkyard Dog then a Run.  Hang Power Cleans are Building to a Heavy 3 Reps.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is a 4 min AMRAP of Hang Clusters and Bar-facing Burpees Rest 6:00 & Repeat.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing & Arm Accessory. Goal: 6+ Rounds.


Monday –  Full body / Running; weighted push ups, Turkish sit-ups, weighted glute bridge, KB swings, burpees, banded side walk, banded squat, banded bear crawl

Tuesday –  HIIT; Fran, Team running relay

Wednesday –  Legs /Cardio; squats, body builders, DB box step overs, situps, KB swing to goblet squats,

Thursday – Cardio / Cardio; run, burpees,

Friday –  Upper body / Cardio; toes to bar, Ab mat situps, leg raises, weighted pullups, bench row, bicep curl

Saturday – Ring Rows, Barbell Rows, Plank Variations, Monk Situps, Burpees, Plate ground to overhead

Sunday – Deck Squats, Russian twists, Side plank twists, ball over shoulders, farmer carry, walking lunge