CFW Weekly Update for November 10, 2019


  • Please note that we’ll be hosting a Remembrance Day Team WOD Monday Nov 11, at 1pm. Please note that all other CrossFit, Bootcamp and Masters Classes will be cancelled on Monday. 
  • Save the Date – We’ve nailed down a date for our holiday party, Friday, December 13th.  Mark your calendar!
  • Winter Class Schedule starts this Tuesday, November 12th. Just a minor adjustment for the winter, Tuesday and Thursday evening classes will be on the hour, with CrossFit at 5pm and 6pm and Bootcamp at 7pm.



This week we have a unilateral theme — Single Leg RDL on Tuesday, Bulgarian Split Squat on Thursday, Power clean on Friday, and Single Arm OH Squats on Saturday.

Monday we have a surprise Remembrance Day Team Workout, everyone is welcome!!!

Tuesday is Single-leg RDLs and a Breathe & Burn → Full Body Burn Workout.  Warmup is Balance Work.  Single-leg RDLs are 4 sets of 8 building throughout.  Prep is Kb Snatch Review.   Workout is 3 min of Kb Snatch, Doubleunders, & Row with a 1 min rest in between.  Extra Credit is Lower Body Mobility.  Goal: 200+.

Wednesday it’s a Breathe & Burn Workout and a Core Finisher.  Warmup is Mixed Movements Focusing on the Core and Lower Body.  Prep is Toes to Bar Review & Practice.   Workout is Descending Reps of Toes to Bar & Box Jumps then Ascending Reps of Decline Pushups & WtD Box Stepups.  Finisher is Tabata L-Sits a 2 min Rest then Tabata Archbody Hold.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing & Lower Body Stretching. Goal: <15:00.

Thursday will be Bulgarian Split Squats and a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Lower Body & UB Pull focused.  Bulgarian Split Squats are 4 sets of 8 Building Throughout.  Prep is Movement Review with a Focus on Running with a Medball.   Workout is a Chipper of Wallballs & Air Squat Jumping Pullups with a Medball Run in between.  Extra Credit is Core Accessory Work.  Goal: Finish.

Friday is Power Cleans and a Breathe & Brace→ Full Body Burn Workout.  Warmup is Weightlifting Prep.  Power Cleans are Building to a Heavy Single.  Prep is Burpee over Bar Review.   Workout is 5 Rounds of Heavy(ish) Power Cleans & Burpees over Bar.  Extra Credit is Arm and Hip Accessory. Goal: <9:00.

Saturday is Single-arm OH Squats and a Partner Workout.  Warmup is Shoulder Stability & Core Focused.  Single-arm OH Squats are 3 sets of 8 Building.  Prep is Movement Demo & Review.   Workout is 20 min in Partners with Ascending Reps or Db Snatch, Pullups, & Db Goblet Squats .  Extra Credit is Upper & Lower Body Mobility..Goal: 4+ Rounds.



Monday –  Bro Camp; shoulder press, bicep curls, GHD situps, supinated Australian  pullups, bench press, KB deadlift, Yates row, pushups

Tuesday –  Full body cardio; Running, DB push press, DB cleans, wall balls, bodybuilders, farmer carry, step ups, sled, Abmat situps, KB swing, man makers

Wednesday –  Butt Camp / Legs; BB hip thrust, Death by box squat hops

Thursday – Partner workout; Air bike, bear crawl, crab crawl, burpees, pushups, pullups, shuttle run

Friday –  Cardio / Accessory; Deadbugs, Turkish situps, single leg deadlifts, weighted wall sits, plate hop, plate ground to overhead, leg lifts

Saturday – team workout: run, wall balls, skipping, pullups, bike, row, DB snatch, tire flip

Sunday – Full Body cardio, with emphasis on glutes, and upper body accessory work.