CFW Weekly Update for October 13, 2019


Lots of great stuff happening at the gym this month:

  • Thanksgiving Day Team WOD October 14th at 10 am, all other group classes cancelled that day
  • Week 2 of the CrossFit Open, on Friday, with make-up day on Sunday



Monday we have our Thanksgiving Team WOD at 10 AM

Tuesday is Power Snatches and a Breathe & Burn Workout.  Warmup is Running and Junkyard Dog.  Power Snatches are Building to a Heavy Single in 12 minutes.  Prep is Doubleunder Review.   Workout is Descending reps of Power Snatch and Doubleunders.  Extra Credit is Shoulder and Glute Accessory. Goal: <12:00.

Wednesday it’s a Heavy Breathing Workout and a Core Finisher.  Warmup is 8 minutes of mixed movements.  Prep is CTB/Kipping Pullup Review and Practice.   Workout is Small Sets of CTB Pullups, Burpee Box Jumps, and Wallballs for 20 min.  Finisher is Rotational Core Work.  Extra Credit is Mobility.   Goal: 10+ Rounds.

Thursday will be a Heavy Breathing Workout and Knee & Hip Finisher.  Warmup is Musical PVC Pipes and Turkish Getups.  Prep is Rowing Review and Rowling.   Workout is Four 4 min AMRAPs with 1 min Rest in between.  Finisher is Knee & Hip Prehab.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing and Shoulder Mobility.  Goal: 240+ Reps.

Friday is our Open Workout – 20.1; Details to come on Thursday

Saturday is Pullups and a Muscular Burn Workout.  Warmup is Medball Focused with a Partner.  Pullups are Build to a Heavy 2 Wtd Pullups.  Prep is Movement Review.   Workout is 5 Rounds of Strict Pullups, Situps, and Air Squats with a Run in between In Partners.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flushing and Mobility.  Goal: <25:00.


Monday –  Team WOD

Tuesday –  Cardio; Run/Bike, Wall Balls, Jumping pull-ups, Thrusters

Wednesday –  Upper body; Bench press, Pull-ups, Bench dip, Tricep curls, DB Shoulder Press, Ring row

Thursday – Cardio; Run/Row/Bike, Burpee broad jumps, Bear crawl, Crab crawl

Friday –  Leg day; BB glute bridge, Squats, Step ups

Saturday – Parnter workout; Burpees, Partner resistance run, Push-ups, Goblet squats, Ring rows